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Features you can trust to keep up with your
Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can enjoy a secure streaming experience with the best VPN features built into PureVPN


Connect in one click

Protect your Fire TV Stick in one convenient click and enjoy private, secure streaming.


Smart server selection

Our smart algorithm can pick the fastest server for you wherever you are in the world.


Lightning-fast speed

PureVPN stays lightning-fast at 20Gbps, so you can stream as fast as your best internet speed.


More location options

We have 6,500 servers in more than 70 countries so you get a private connection – anywhere.


Internet safety switch

Stay private by automatically turning off your WiFi connection if the VPN connection drops.


Secure your smart TV

Hide all your streaming activity from your TV manufacturer and internet service provider.

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How to use PureVPN on your Fire TV Stick

  • Connect to PureVPN in one click

    Open the app and press “Connect” to protect your online activity in seconds, using our Recommended Location feature.

  • Change your location

    Click the globe icon to connect to a VPN server in the country you need, so you can access your favorite content.

  • Enjoy secure streaming

    PureVPN for Fire TV Stick helps keep you safe from online threats so you can browse the internet with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will PureVPN slow down my Internet connection?

    We built PureVPN to work alongside the speed of your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    That’s why PureVPN runs at a speed of 20Gbps – which is faster than Internet speeds available in most homes and enterprises.

  • How is my data protected when I use PureVPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick?

    When you’re connected to PureVPN, the VPN encrypts all of your online activity along with other layers of security so that it cannot leak out of our VPN tunnel.

    To find out more about how we handle your data, you can visit the privacy section of our Safe Zone.

  • Can I stream privately using PureVPN on my Fire TV Stick?

    Yes – PureVPN encrypts your online activity to help make your Internet connection private.

    This encryption means what you do online cannot be seen by others or tracked back to you.

    To find out more about our encryption process, you can visit the security section of our Safe Zone.

  • How do I use PureVPN on my Amazon Fire TV stick device?

    After you install PureVPN from the App Store, open the app and press “Connect”.

    This gives you the fastest way to protect your online activity, using our Recommended Location feature.

  • Can PureVPN help me stream content blocked by location?

    Yes – you can access content behind a location block in three easy steps.

    First, open your PureVPN app for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Then, tap the globe icon then select the country where your desired content is available.

    Now you can stream the content you desire.

  • Does PureVPN track or store my streaming history?

    No – we made sure PureVPN doesn’t track your online activity at all.

    And, we go the extra mile to make sure PureVPN is safe for everyone to use.

    For more details on how we handle your data at PureVPN, you can visit our Safe Zone.

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