Download a VPN for Windows (PC or Laptop)

  • Instantly switch your IP address on Windows.

  • Access content securely and privately from anywhere.

  • Stream and download without slowdowns via 20 Gbps servers.

  • Easy-to-use VPN software (compatible with Windows 7 and higher).

Windows VPN

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How to Set Up a VPN for Windows

Secure your internet with our ultra-fast setup

Step 1

Go to our order page and get a PureVPN plan.

Step 2

Download our Windows app and log into your account.

Step 3

Connect to your preferred server location and you are good to go!

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Why Choose Our VPN for Windows?

We built powerful features into PureVPN so you can enjoy the internet with confidence and safety


Instant VPN connection

Gain secure access to your PureVPN private internet connection with just one simple click.


Automatic server recommedations

Our smart algorithm picks the fastest server for your needs based on your location.


Fast downloads & streaming

PureVPN runs at hypersonic speeds of 20Gbps, so you can stream and download files faster.


More location options

Unlimited VPN access to over 6,000 servers in more than 65 countries for faster speeds and private connections.


Choose the best city

Gain access to websites and content by selecting VPN servers in open cities around the Globe.


Connect apps separately

Choose the data you want protected on multiple devices using a fast, split tunneling encrypted VPN.


Internet Kill Switch

Automatically disconnect your WiFi connection if the VPN connection drops to keep your data safe.


Powerful security protocols

PureVPN supports a number of security protocols like IKev2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.


Avoid bandwidth throttling

Disguise your IP address and internet activity from your ISP to avoid them slowing down your internet speed.

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Start Using a VPN on Your Windows PC or Laptop

  • Connect to PureVPN instantly

    Press “Connect” to protect your online activity in seconds, using our Recommended Location feature.

  • Change your location

    Click the globe icon to a VPN server in the country you need, so you can access your favorite content.

  • Enjoy private browsing

    PureVPN for Windows helps keep you safe from online threats so you can browse the Internet with confidence.

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Experience PureVPN premium add-ons

Strengthen your online privacy with high-quality, powerful VPN add-ons.
Choose the ones you want during checkout to add them to your plan.


DDoS Protection

Get exclusive hosting with full control over IP allocation and support for static IPs.


Dedicated IP

Choose yours from thousands of dedicated IP addresses in countries around the world.


Port Forwarding

Deepen the your network or internet security with a no-nonsense Port Forwarding package.

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Let’s walk through your VPN set up process in this short video

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can PureVPN secure my connection to public networks?

    Yes – PureVPN encrypts your data from being transferred out in the open on any Internet connection. This encryption means your data cannot be tracked back to you. To find out more about our encryption process, you can visit the Security section of our Safe Zone.

  • Is my data encrypted when I use PureVPN?

    Yes, PureVPN encrypts all of your online activity so that it cannot leak out of our VPN tunnel. To find out more about how we handle your data, you can visit the Privacy section of our Safe Zone.

  • How do I connect PureVPN to my Windows computer?

    After you install PureVPN, press “Connect” for the fastest way to protect your online activity, using our Recommended Location feature.

  • Can PureVPN help me access content blocked by location?

    Yes – turn on your PureVPN app for Windows. Click the globe icon and connect to the country where your desired content is available. Then, enjoy your favorite content.

  • Will PureVPN slow down my internet connection?

    We built PureVPN to work alongside you without slowing you down. PureVPN runs at a speed of 20Gbps – which is faster than Internet speeds available in most homes and enterprises.

  • Is there a free VPN for PCs?

    Yes, there are free VPN options. These free VPNs can track and collect your data and still leave you open to online threats. You can try PureVPN free for 7 days. We also give you a full refund if you don’t enjoy your first 31 days on PureVPN.

  • Does Windows 10 have a VPN already installed?

    In your “Network and Internet” settings there is only an option to “Add a VPN connection”. This means you will still need to get a VPN subscription. If you need help activating or installing PureVPN, reach out to our 24/7 live customer support team.

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Get PureVPN 83% off

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