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How to Setup PureVPN for Windows


How to Connect PureVPN for Windows


Step 1

Launch PureVPN software for Windows


Step 2

Select your desired country


Step 3

You will now be connected!

The Simplest and Fastest VPN for Windows

Our Windows VPN app comes with:

Fastest Streaming and Browsing

PureVPN guarantees crazy-fast speed for browsing, streaming, downloading, and uploading. Regardless of what you want to do, you can do it better with PureVPN.

Strongest Encryption

AES 256-bit, military-grade encryption comes as a default with PureVPN. It uses RSA-2048/RSA-4096 handshakes and SHA1/SHA256 data authentication algorithm to ensure optimal data protection.

Global Server Access

Our network of 2,000+ VPN servers covers a whopping 180+ cities. With such a huge network at your disposal, physical distance means nothing since you can virtually reach it within seconds.

Automatic Public Wi-Fi Security

It is not uncommon for hackers to setup fake Wi-Fi hotspots to lure unsuspecting users. With PureVPN by your side, you can stop fearing such threats and use public Wi-Fi with complete security.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We aren’t buzzkills! Be it streaming, web browsing, or downloading, you can do it all without worrying about any limits with PureVPN. You get unlimited bandwidth, regardless of the plan you choose.

Single-Click Connection

Our VPN clients have been developed intelligently, making them smart and user-friendly. There are no complicated steps involved. Just hit connect and let PureVPN take care of the rest. Live chat is available 24/7 in case you encounter any issues.

Foolproof Leak Protection

Your personal information could be leaking to third-parties via IP leaks. Fortunately, PureVPN comes packed with top-notch WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leak protection to ensure your privacy remains intact at all times.

PureVPN for Windows Comes With Cutting-Edge Features

Split Tunneling

The feature lets you channel the traffic of your device so you can carry out VPN and non-VPN activities easily.

Internet Kill Switch

IKS automatically kills your internet connection to protect your real IP and identity when the VPN connection drops.

1 Account Supports 5 Logins

Every PureVPN account allows you to use the app on up to five devices at the same time.

Dedicated IP

A personal IP address lets you control how you wish to access certain services and devices over the internet for better security.

Port Forwarding

Set up local servers, access remote devices, forward ports on gaming consoles, and do much more.

Multilingual Support

PureVPN app is available in 8 different languages so that you can get a more natural feel while using the service.

Try Windows VPN, Now Risk-Free

It’s time to solidify your Windows OS against the online threats that can risk the security and privacy of your data. Plus, trying PureVPN’s Windows VPN service comes with zero risks. After all, you get a no-question-asked 31-day money-back guarantee.

Get PureVPN Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee 31-Day
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