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  • Easy-to-use GUI and CLI apps.

  • Lightning-fast 20 Gbps speed.

  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

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vpn for linux setup

How to use the PureVPN GUI app for your Linux System

  • Install the PureVPN GUI app

    Open PureVPN with the “Software Install” to install. Then press “Connect” to start using your Recommended Location.

  • Choose your location

    Click the globe icon to a VPN server in the country you need, so you can access your favorite content.

  • Enjoy private browsing

    And you’re in! Browse any way you choose, securely and privately.

vpn for linux - app

How to use the PureVPN CLI app for your Linux System

  • Install the PureVPN CLI Beta app

    Install the app using the following command in the terminal:
    curl | sudo bash

    Then run the command displayed at the end of installation process.

  • Login to PureVPN CLI Beta app

    After installation, log in to the app using the command “purevpn-cli –i”

  • Choose your location

    To connect to the recommended location enter command “purevpn-cli –r” or connect to your desired location by entering command for specific location “purevpn-cli -c US”

Why do I need a VPN for Linux?

Protect your online security and privacy

Enjoy a safe internet experience and stay protected from cyber attacks and threats by connecting to PureVPN.

vpn for linux - privacy
vpn for linux - unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy fast speed with unlimited bandwidth

Gone are the days of slow internet connections. PureVPN runs at hypersonic speed of 20 Gbps, so you can stream and download files faster with unlimited bandwidth.

Bypass firewall and network restriction

Connect to any of the 80+ locations to get access to websites, social media platforms and other restricted services from anywhere around the world.

vpn for linux - bypass restriction

PureVPN features for your Linux device

Your powerful Linux System deserves a VPN that can keep up

Strongest encryption

PureVPN for Linux uses AES 256-bit encryption keeps your online activity private.

Fast speed and secure connection

Get the fastest speed and ultimate security with our newly launched WireGuard Protocol.

Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN for Linux automatically turns off your device’s internet connection incase the VPN connection drops.

IPv6 leak protection

Your IP address stays hidden behind PureVPN so you can enjoy complete privacy online.

Better server recommendation

We show you the fastest and least-crowded server based on where you are.

P2P supported servers

Download and share files securely over the internet with PureVPN’s P2P supported servers

PureVPN’s cutting-edge add-ons

DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS threats with always-on protection

Dedicated IP

Enjoy the benefits of a static IP on your machine

Port Forwarding

Open and manage secure ports for your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a VPN on my Linux machine?

    You can choose whether you want a VPN based on your needs. For example, if you want to stream content behind a location block, you will need to use a VPN.

    PureVPN also helps by adding privacy and security to your network and internet connection.

    Check out the benefits of a having VPN in our article:

    Top 10 Advantages and Benefits of VPN

  • Are there free VPNs for Linux?

  • What does a Linux VPN do?

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