Split Tunneling

Route as you choose

When the user connects to the VPN server, it creates a secure encrypted tunnel for the data to pass through, which then passes on to the greater internet. By default, any and all traffic sent through the VPN network goes through the VPN server in an encrypted manner.

However, with split tunneling, you have the option to choose which information goes through the VPN server (encrypted) and the rest through your ISP (not encrypted).

With split tunneling in place, your internet connection reduces any jams and conserves bandwidth as the internet traffic does not have to pass through the VPN server. But the good thing about using Split Tunneling with PureVPN is that you’ve got unlimited bandwidth.

Another advantage of using split tunneling is when a user is working on various sites with different functions on both networks throughout the day, split tunneling prevents the user from having to repeatedly connect and disconnect.

However, when split tunneling is enabled, the data passing through your ISP will not be protected by PureVPN’s AES 256-bit military-grade level security that’s there to secure your online activities against hackers, cybercriminals and prying eyes.

More about Split Tunneling

  • Option to route the internet traffic
  • Added convenience
  • Simple one-click toggle
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