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How to Set Up an iOS VPN in 3 Simple Steps

The easiest way to set up PureVPN on your iPhone or iPad without any configuration.

Step 1

Subscribe to PureVPN.

Step 2

Download our iOS VPN app from the App Store.

Step 3

Connect to your desired server location, and you are good to go!

Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarentee

The Benefits of Using an iOS VPN App

Access Unavailable Content

Effortlessly get around regional barriers and access content that might not be available in your area, such as streaming services or specific websites.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide your real IP address and location—this ensures that your personal information and browsing history are kept private from third parties.

Secure Public Wi-Fi

Encrypts your internet connection to protect yourself from hackers and data thieves when using public Wi-Fi networks at cafes, hotels, or restaurants.

Why Choose Our VPN App for iOS?

With PureVPN on your iPhone or iPad, you get access to:


Smart server selection

Our smart algorithm can pick the fastest server for you wherever you are in the world.


More VPN location options

We have 6,000 servers in more than 65 countries so you get a private connection – anywhere.


Internet Kill switch

Stay protected with our kill switch – it automatically turns off your internet in case the VPN drops.


VPN stealth mode

Your ISP and other third parties won’t be able to detect you’re using a VPN.


Choose the best city

Get past location blocks by choosing any of our VPN servers listed in the city you need.


Powerful security protocols

PureVPN supports strong security protocols like IKev2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarentee

Use the Best VPN for iOS on Your Apple Devices

  • iPhone

    Use a VPN on your iPhone to secure your connections wherever you go, including on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • iPad

    With a VPN on your iPad, you can enhance your online privacy, protect your sensitive data, and access unavailable content.

Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarentee

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does iOS have a built-in VPN?

    No, iOS itself does not come with a built-in VPN. However, it does support VPN apps that you can download from the App Store.

  • How do I turn off a VPN on iOS?

    To turn off a VPN on iOS, go to Settings > General > VPN. Then, select the VPN configuration you want to disable, and toggle the status to ‘Not Connected’.

  • How do I set up a VPN on iOS?

    To set up a VPN on iOS, download a VPN app from the App Store, install it, and follow the app’s instructions to configure and connect. Alternatively, you can manually add a VPN configuration by diving into the settings.

  • Can PureVPN help me stream content blocked by location?

    Yes – you can access content behind a location block in three easy steps.

    First, open your PureVPN app for iOS.

    Then, tap the globe icon then select the country where your desired content is available.

    Now you can enjoy your favorite content.

  • Will PureVPN slow down my internet connection?

    We built PureVPN to work alongside your powerful iOS device.

    That’s why PureVPN runs at a speed of 20Gbps – which is faster than internet speeds available in most homes and enterprises.

  • Is there a free VPN for iOS devices?

    Yes, there are free VPNs for iOS that come with security risks.

    Free VPNs can track and collect your data and still leave your internet connection open to online threats.

    You can try PureVPN free for 7 days. Get 7 day free trial

    We also give you a full refund if you don’t enjoy your first 31 days on PureVPN.

    To find out more about how we handle your data, you can visit the Privacy section of our Safe Zone. Visit Safe Zone

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