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A Guide on Everything You Need to Know

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What is an IP Address?

An Internet Protocol(IP) address is your virtual address. It is unique for each of us and helps your device communicate with other devices regardless of whether they use the same or different network. Your private IP address ensures communication within the same network at your home or school,  while the public IP address keeps you connected to different networks tirelessly.

What is an IP Address?

What is an IPv4 Address?

The IPv4 address is the most commonly used IP address throughout the world. It is made up of four sets of numbers, such as Each device, like your computer or smartphone, gets one of these addresses to find its way around the internet.

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IPv4 Address VS IPv6 Address

The core difference between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses is their structure. IP4 addresses use decimal notations in 32 bits (easy to read), unlike IPv6, which uses hexadecimal notations in 128-bit (complex to read).

IPv4 Address

  • 32-Bit Decimal structure
  • Easy to exploit
  • Can be shared through NAT

IPv6 Address

  • 128-Bit structure
  • Complex to exploit
  • Unique with limited NAT

Types of IP Addresses – Private IP vs. Public IP Addresses

What is a Private IP address?

A private IP address is a non-publicly routable address used within a local network to identify devices. It allows your device to communicate with other devices within the network, but not directly from the internet. Private IP addresses are usually monitored with Network Address Translation (NAT) to connect through a single public IP address.

For example:

If the router’s IP address is, other devices connected to it may be assigned the following addresses:


Ranges and Classes of Private IP Addresses

Private IPs are classified into ranges based on the type of classes (or networks) served by the IP addresses which may be a home network, corporate network, etc…

Class A Range

Its network part is made up of the IPs first eight bits. The other 24 bits make up the part of the address that acts as the host.

Class B Range

Uses 16 bits for both the host numbers and the network number which includes the network and host addresses.

Class C Range

Uses an 8-bit host number and 24-bit network number. This network number inhabits an IPs first three bytes.

Class D Range

These network addresses are 32 bits and are used for multicasting apps and identify multicast groups uniquely.

What is a Netmask?

Network Mask defines boundaries between the network and host parts of an IP address. This allows your devices and routers to assess which portion of an IP address identifies the network and which portion is used to identify hosts within that network.Netmask critically works to allocate your IP address, route the internet, and manage access control within your network.

Public IP

What is a Public IP address?

This is an IP addresses assigned to your business or home router by your ISP. It’s required for you to access any network accessible by public hardware such as website servers or a home router.

How Can I See What IP Addresses Are on My Network?

A simple terminal prompt of CMD will allow you to discover ever local IP address found on your network. Here’s how to do it:

  • 01

    For Windows, type “cmd” in the search bar, type “terminal” if you’re using a Mac.

  • 02

    Next, for Windows type “arp -a” or for Mac type “arp -e.”

  • 03

    Hit Enter to continue.

What IP Addresses Are on My Network?

How Do I Check My IP on Mac and Windows?

Find Your IP on Windows

  • 01

    Press the Windows key and type cmd.

  • 02

    Type ipconfig and hit enter.

  • 03

    Your IPv4 address is your local IP.

Find Your IP on Windows
Find Your IP on Mac

Find Your IP on Mac

  • 01

    Press the Command key and type Terminal.

  • 02

    Type ifconfig and hit enter.

  • 03

    The IP address listed next to “inet” is your local IP address on your Mac.

How Do I Find My Phone’s IP Address?

Find Your IP on Android

  • 01

    Go to Settings on your Android.

  • 02

    Select Network & Internet > WiFi > Connected network.

  • 03

    You will find the IP address in the “Advanced” section.

Find Your IP on Android
Find Your IP on iOS

Find Your IP on iOS

  • 01

    Open Settings on your iOS.

  • 02

    Tap Wi-Fi and select your connected WiFi network.

  • 03

    Your local IP address (IPv4) is listed as an IP Address.

What does your IP address reveal about you?

Although your name, phone number and other personal data is not revealed, your IP can reveal your city, ZIP code and area code. Therefore, third parties can determine where you are currently and the location of your internet connection.

IP Address Location

IP Address Location

Allows others to see where you and your connection are located.

Internet Activities

Internet Activities

Hackers can use your IP to access ports through a brute-force connection and steal your data.

Buying Behavior

Buying Behavior

Advertisers and marketers use your IP to send you targeted ads and retailers use it to verify your payment address.

Browsing History

Browsing History

Can share personal data about you including your physical location.

What if a Hacker Knows My IP Address?

Hackers are online bullies who live to create cyberattacks against unsuspecting internet users. Protecting your IP address against them is key to protecting you, your devices and your identity.

  • They can seize, capture and steal very valuable and sensitive data.

  • They can determine your current location and your online identity.

  • They can track the apps you use, sites you visit and what you buy online.

  • They can use your IP address to steal your identity or hack your device.

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