256-Bit Military-Grade Encryption

Get Maximum Security Round-the-Clock with PureVPN!

Do you know what hackers can look into your data once they have access to your device? For starters, they can listen in on your private communication (text included), watch and store what you are typing on the browser, monitor your internet activities and history and more. And, they can do it all by using various illegal methods.

If you wish to prevent unauthorized access to your data and keep your activities completely secure, you need the military-grade encryption provided by PureVPN. We deploy and use 256-bit AES encryption algorithm on our VPN servers to provide best protection to our users.

When you connect to the Internet through PureVPN’s encrypted server, all your communication, sensitive activities or data remains secure. In fact, even if there’s an unauthorized access, the intruder won’t be able to crack open the encrypted data. At the end of the day, the integrity of your data and privacy remains intact.

Moreover, we offer multiple tunneling protocols and except the PPPT that uses 128-bit encryption, the rest of the protocols use 256-bit encryption such as OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec.

Here’s why you need our military-grade encryption:

  • Utmost data security and privacy
  • Multiple security protocols for ease of accessibility and connectivity
  • Complete peace of mind against unauthorized access
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