DNS Leak Protection

Ensures Complete Anonymity on the Web!

In its quest to provide you with complete online anonymity, PureVPN offers DNS leak protection in order to safeguard your online traffic from the eyes of your ISP or any other spy entity. Most VPN services have DNS leak issues that expose the actual online identity of the user to the ISP and the world in general.

How PureVPN Helps in Defeating DNS Leaks?

Whenever you access any domain, a DNS request is generated that exposes your actual online identity on the web. This request is sent to the DNS server set in your configuration. And since it’s the one provided by your ISP, it learns which domains you have been visiting despite the fact that you are connected to a VPN network.

PureVPN helps you avoid this issue by offering DNS leak protection. It disallows the DNS request from reaching your ISP, and resolves the request within its own network, hence safeguarding your online identity. With this feature, you can remain completely anonymous online.

Why PureVPN is the Best VPN for Privacy?

  • Offers DNS leak protection.
  • Offers Internet Kill Switch feature.
  • Safeguards your traffic through the use of strong encryption.
  • Keeps zero logs of your web activities.
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