The Benefits of a VPN

Private browsing with tons of other options

More privacy, security, and accessibility

Protect sensitve data

With a VPN on your device, you can secure information from hackers, data harvesters, and prying eyes.
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Prevent ISP throttling

A VPN changes your IP address to help reduce bandwidth throttling and data caps on your internet connection.
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Access multiple sites

Change your virtual location and get seamless access to region-locked platforms and sites from anywhere.
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Enjoy internet freedom

From journalists to activists, PureVPN helps hide your real IP location to voice your opinion freely.
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Secure internet

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel and hides incoming internet traffic to prevent identity and location theft.
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Compatible on all devices

Windows machines. Mac devices. iPhone. Android. Linux. Stay private on any device you are using, at home or at work.
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Get unlimited bandwidth

Most ISPs put a data cap on your internet connection. But with PureVPN, you can get around bandwidth limitations worry-free.
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Use VoIP applications

Enjoy uninterrupted communication when you are using Skype, WhatsApp, or other VoIP applications.
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No more lagging

Enjoy a seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming experience with a single click of a button.
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We don’t store logs… ever!

After an independent audit by Well known audit firm and Altius, PureVPN is now a certified no-log VPN provider.


Enhanced protection on every device

PureVPN is compatible with many devices

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