WebRTC Leak Protection

Surf the Web Securely and Anonymously All Day Long

WebRTC stands for Web Real-time Communications. As the name clearly hints, WebRTC is a technology that allows peer-to-peer communications between browsers or devices. The communication can include any type of data sharing i.e., text, video, audio, images, etc.

Since tasks and activities associated with real-time communications or data sharing require WebRTC, the actual local IP of the endpoint is needed to communicate with the other browser. This is called RTCPeerConnection. The technology then passes through a Session Description Protocol (SDP). In simple words, WebRTC can see your actual public IP even when you’re connected to a VPN.

WebRTC is not a bug as it was originally developed to facilitate the above mentioned types of connections between browsers independently without depending on any plug-ins. Since 2013, experts suspected that WebRTC could come in handy to discover a user’s local IP, even if the user is behind a VPN.

This sometimes leads to your actual, real IP being exposed, which is why PureVPN uses WebRTC leak protection to make sure your actual IP is never revealed under any circumstances.

Here’s why you need PureVPN’s WebRTC Leak Protection:

  • To stay hidden at all times
  • To access VoIP services securely and anonymously
  • To access and stream media services without exposing your real IP.
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