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Cheapest Netflix Subscription in 2023

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Are you too tired of paying huge bucks every month for your Netflix subscription? Well, let us tell you that you’re not alone in this and that’s why we have put up this guide for you to get the cheapest Netflix subscription in 2023.

Just the other day we had a discussion among streaming fanatics at PureVPN and we found out that many of us have subscriptions to so many streaming services because we can’t really go without streaming new shows and movies. 

But *not* to our surprise, all of us were already looking for ways to get a cheaper Netflix subscription, because it’s just hard to pay hefty bucks for all these services every month. 

That’s when we had our detective hats on and we came to find out so many interesting things about Netflix prices and different hacks to actually get around cheaper prices for Netflix subscription. 

What Can You do With a Single Netflix Subscription?

Did you know that Netflix has different content libraries in different regions? If not then let us tell you that Netflix has one of the biggest content libraries in the world. But you might not be able to find some of the stuff because Netflix libraries are different in every region and country. Just to give a little example of what we mean is that all the Harry Potter movies are available on Netflix but you might not be able to find them when you search because they are only available in Germany, Turkey and a few other countries. 

So, to get around these geographical restrictions on Netflix, you’ll need a VPN subscription. If you don’t have a VPN subscription then get a 7-day free trial of PureVPN and access Netflix from any country. You might also wanna add new stuff to your list as many new shows just came out on Netflix this August.

Why Does Netflix Subscription Price Vary by Country?

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix has one of the biggest libraries in the world and it is by far the 3rd most streamed service on the internet. The service is currently available in 190+ countries with 214 million global paid subscriptions.

Keeping in mind how big of a streaming service Netflix is, the service offers different content in different countries. Due to this very reason, Netflix subscription prices vary in different countries.

Top 10 Cheapest Netflix Subscription Countries

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library size
Turkey57.99 TRY3.931,7742,9024,676
India499 INR6.572,1933,7245,917
Argentina639 ARS5.701,9003,1495,049
Philippines459 PHP8.902,2884,1436,431
Ukraine7.49 EUR8.152,1053,2935,398
Bulgaria9.99 EUR10.872,0245,1387,162
Lithuania9.99 EUR10.872,0144,9246,938
Source: Comparitech – Which countries pay the most and least for Netflix?

5 Cheapest Ways to Get Netflix Subscription in 2023

There are many ways to get a cheap Netflix subscription. We’ve penned down the top 5 tested and authentic ways for you. We’ve also picked up our personal favorite, so don’t forget to try these hacks for yourself and share your favorite in the comment section. We’d love to hear about your favorite hack.

1. Save money by sharing a Netflix account

You can save money on Netflix by sharing an account with your friends. Netflix offers multiple screens on one subscription, which means in one Netflix subscription you and your friends can make different screens for themselves. 

Under those screens, each of you can have your personalized suggestions, list of shows you want to watch, your current watching list with no one intruding on you. If you’re an admin, you can also set a PIN for each screen.

2. Get Netflix in another country

As we mentioned above, Netflix prices differ in each country. This is why you can try this hack via a VPN. Simply, change your country to a country where Netflix is cheap and get a new subscription from that country.

But there’s a catch to this hack. It requires you to verify your number from the same country, so you need to have a phone number to get around this hack.

3. Use your parent’s Netflix account

Unlike many other services, Netflix doesn’t have a family account or any student discount as of yet. However, if anyone in your family has a Netflix subscription, then all the family members can use Netflix with one subscription only. 

Even if you’re living far from your family, you can still access your parent’s Netflix account, without having to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Use cashback websites

You can also get the cheapest Netflix subscription from the many cashback sites available on the internet. Check this great list of cashback sites that we found during our research. This might help you pick up one for you.

Moreover, if you’re a student you can use your student cashback credit card to get some bucks off your Netflix subscription.

5. Get Netflix Gift Cards or Promo Codes (our personal favorite)

Did you know that Netflix gives an option to redeem gift cards? This means if you’ve a Netflix gift card then you can simply add the Netflix gift card code and redeem it at checkout. However, this option is still not available in many countries, so you might need a VPN to get around. Read more to find out how you can get cheap Netflix gift cards in your country.

How does a Netflix Gift Card work?

Netflix gift cards can be used instead of paying monthly for your subscription. For e.g.; if you’ve a Netflix gift card worth $20 then you can enjoy the service for 2 months if the service costs $10 per month in your country. The Netflix gift cards are easily available on retail and online stores MTCgame or

However, there’s a catch to it. As we mentioned earlier, Netflix prices vary in different countries so Netflix gift cards prices also vary in different countries. So, it might cost you a lot of bucks again and that won’t be of any good use. But we have a hack around it which proves to work for so many people. 

Many people on the internet buy Netflix at cheap prices as $4 from countries like Turkey or Argentina where Netflix gift cards are cheaper. But since they are not located in these countries, they need a VPN to get around this hack.

How to Get the Cheapest Netflix Subscription with a VPN?

Below listed steps will help you know everything about how to get the cheapest Netflix subscription prices as cheap as $4 from countries like Turkey. 

However, for you to be virtually located in Turkey, you’ll need a VPN subscription. We suggest you start your free trial with PureVPN now and try this hack for yourself.

Step 1:

Start your 7-day free trial with PureVPN

Step 2: 

Login to PureVPN Chrome Extension if you’re on a browser, or login to PureVPN mobile app if you’re on your mobile (Use credentials that you’ve set up while checking out)

Step 3: 

Connect to Turkey location from the locations menu.

Step 4: 

Go to MTCgame or and buy Netflix gift card in cheap prices as $4.

Step 5: 

Create your new Netflix account and choose an option of ‘Gift Code’

Step 6:

Enter Netflix Gift Card Pin or Code from your purchased Netflix Gift Card

Step 7: 

You’re sorted now. Enjoy your favorite content on Netflix without worrying about your next invoice.

Bonus tip: Make the most of your Netflix subscription by changing your country to any country you want with PureVPN and enjoy content from anywhere in the world.




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