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Why do I need a password manager?

Create hard-to-crack passwords while defending your private details from hackers and scammers


Reliable features you can trust to protect you and your people


Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase your privacy by choosing one or more security checks needed to access your PureKeep vaults. You can choose from one-time password, fingerprint, or face ID.


Make secure vaults

Create and organize protected vaults that store your sensitive details. It’s a simple way to store and label your bank details, passwords, passports, notes and all your important documents.


Import external data

Save time if you have a lot of passwords, or you migrate from another password manager to PureKeep. You can import CSVs – long lists of data saved in one file.


Create complex passwords

Generate complicated passwords that take computers thousands of years to guess. PureKeep lets you see how strong your password is so you stay protected against digital threats like hackers.


Sync all your data

Stay logged in to PureKeep on up to 10 of your devices at the same time. Get private access to your important documents and secure logins in just a few clicks – wherever you are.


Increase password health

Make stronger passwords that keep your personal data and identity safe. We scan the dark web for password breaches and tell you right away if your login details were exposed.

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Subscribe to PureKeep and download the app to your device.


Create the only master password you need to remember.


Protect unlimited passwords and make secure vaults.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I import passwords from other password managers?

    Yes! First, export your current passwords from your password manager.

    You should be able to download that export as a CSV file.

    Then upload the CSV file to PureKeep like this:

    • Step 1: Go to your PureKeep settings
    • Step 2: Click “Tools” then, “Import”
    • Step 3: Follow the guide to upload your CSV file
  • What other personal data can I store in PureKeep?

    You can upload any kind of file into PureKeep, if the size of the file is 5 MB or smaller.

    Inside PureKeep, you can create secure vaults so your files can only be accessed by people with the password.

  • How much storage space do I get?

    You have up to 1 GB in storage space for every PureKeep vault you create, and 1 GB for every shared vault.

  • Does PureKeep track my online activity?

    No – we cannot see or track what you do online.

    For more details on how PureKeep handles your data, have a look at our Privacy Policy. Visit Privacy Policy

  • How can I contact PureKeep support?

    We’re always available to help you with PureKeep.

    From inside the PureKeep app: Tap “Menu”, then tap “Live Chat”.

    Live Chat with our 24/7 support team:Contact support now

    Or, visit the support center on our website. Visit our support center

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