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PureVPN offers the best dedicated IP VPN with access to thousands of completely reserved IPs for you from various countries. You can enjoy optimum security and total online freedom with PureVPN’s dedicated IP.

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PureVPN 7-Day Trial+ 47% OFF on 1-Year Plan

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What Do You Get With PureVPN’s
Dedicated IP VPN?

Get a dedicated IP by PureVPN and enjoy total control of your Internet connection. There are many web services, especially corporate job roles, that require a static IP to access certain databases. A dedicated IP VPN can prove to be your passport to certain networks, databases, servers, and more via the IP Whitelisting process.

Secure Online Payments


Make your online banking payments safe and encrypted using a VPN with a static dedicated IP address

Skip the Blacklists


Use a dedicated IP to avoid getting blacklisted or blocked from websites and bypass VPN blocks

Forget the Captchas


Hate clicking on annoying captcha boxes? Try using a dedicated IP address and prevent any roadblocks

No-Log VPN


Try a VPN that doesn’t track you or store user logs like timestamps or browsing history

VPN Kill Switch


Enhance your online safety with an internet kill switch that doesn’t give away your IP address

Access Restricted Websites


Get around regional limitations and access any region-locked websites with a VPN app at your disposal

Secure FTP Access


Connect to a VPN to secure FTP and protect your data from threat actors or hackers

Protect Business Servers


Boost online communication streams, data transfer, and networks of remote employees by using a business VPN

256-Bit Encryption


Install a premium VPN and use bank grade AES 256-bit encryption on your devices and computers

DNS Leak Protection


Looking for a battle-tested VPN that can protect your DNS information and private data? Use PureVPN

IP Whitelisting


Get a dedicated IP address for every employee that is whitelisted to prevent disruptions and interruptions

Home Security Camera


Wish to keep your home security cameras safe from hackers? Use a dedicated IP today

What is a Dedicated IP and why would I need one?

Without a dedicated IP subscription, once you connect to PureVPN, you’re assigned a dynamic IP, meaning that the IP address is shared with other users. This is done to ensure the utmost secrecy of your online privacy.

Shared or dynamic IP addresses are best for online privacy. That doesn’t mean that a dedicated IP exposes you to online risks. You get other benefits with a dedicated IP address such as instant accessibility to networks that are IP-restricted, which improves your online reputation.

That’s because a dedicated IP address is unique to a single account and not dozens of users like a dynamic IP address. Be it a dedicated IP or a dynamic IP address, your Internet connection and online data are encrypted and secured with PureVPN.

Get Dedicated IP 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Static IP vs. Dynamic IP

The type of IP address you have an impact on your online activities. Here’s the difference between a static IP address vs. a dynamic IP address.

Static IP

  • The same IP address is used each time you connect to the Internet.
  • Ability to host a website. Great for businesses that receive large amounts of traffic.
  • Offers a more stable connection and reduced downtimes as the IP never resets.
  • Static IPs are vulnerable to attacks, so extra security measures should be taken.

Dynamic IP

  • Your IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet.
  • Dynamic IPs are available at a lower cost.
  • Possible disconnection as the network gets congested due to high traffic.
  • Less vulnerable to online attacks as the address periodically changes each time.

Get Dedicated IP 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a dedicated IP work on routers?

Yes, dedicated IPs can be configured on routers as well.

How can a dedicated IP VPN help while you work from home?

A dedicated IP VPN is significantly important while you work from home. This is because it enables you to gain secure remote access to a specific network from any corner of the globe. At the same time, your entire Internet connection is secured with AES 256-bit encryption, keeping you safe from snoopers.

Can I buy multiple dedicated IP addresses?

Yes. You can buy more than one IP address. All you’ll have to do is get in touch with PureVPN Support and a representative will guide you through the process or you can get a Business VPN.

Is a dedicated IP secure?

Getting a dedicated IP address means having a unique IP address that’s only reserved for you. This drastically improves your online privacy and security, keeping you safe from DDoS attacks.