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  • Connect to servers in up to 65 different countries.

  • Stream global content seamlessly via Popular Websites.

  • Enjoy top-notch privacy protection with an audited no-log policy.

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How to Set Up a VPN on Chrome in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Subscribe to PureVPN.

Step 2

Add PureVPN extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 3

Log into your account and connect to your preferred server.

Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarantee

Browse Better with the Best VPN for Chrome

Log Into Your Account

Open the PureVPN Chrome extension and log in using your username and password.

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Select Server Location

Go to ‘Select Country’ and choose your desired location from the list of available servers.

Browse Away!

Your VPN connection will be established automatically – access the internet worry-free!

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Why Choose Our Chrome VPN Extension?

Access Limitless Content

Enjoy your favorite streaming services, social media networks, and websites from anywhere.

Stop Third Party Tracking

Prevent Internet Service Providers and other third parties from tracking your online activities.

Browse with Freedom

Navigate barriers with utmost ease and explore the web the way it was meant to be: freely!

Stay Anonymous

Do not worry about logs; our no-log policy has been verified four times by a top auditing firm.

Stream More, Safely

Get an encrypted connection to stream more movies and TV shows as securely as possible.

Hide GPS Location

Confuse the bad guys by faking your GPS coordinates with our Spoof GPS Location feature.

Prevent IP Leaks

Stop your real IP address and identity from leaking; just activate WebRTC Leak Protection.

Skip VPN for Specific Sites

Use Bypass Proxy to selectively disable VPN for certain sites without having to disconnect.

Download Files Privately

Ensure your privacy is protected during every file you download by hiding your real IP address.

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Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Chrome have a VPN?

    No, Chrome itself does not include a built-in VPN. However, you can use VPN extensions available in the Chrome Web Store to add VPN functionality to the browser.

  • How do I enable a VPN on Chrome?

    Install the PureVPN extension from the Chrome Web Store and then click the PureVPN icon in the top-right corner. Now, log in with your credentials, and then choose a specific server to connect to.

  • How do I disable a VPN on Chrome?

    All you have to do is click the PureVPN icon in the top-right corner of your browser and select Disconnect. To remove the extension completely, right-click on the PureVPN icon and choose the Remove from Chrome option.

  • Is there a 100% free VPN for Chrome?

    Free Chrome VPN extensions often come with risks such as slower speeds, limited data, and potential privacy concerns due to data logging. Alternatively, the PureVPN extension offers a safer option with a 7-day free trial that includes access to 5 locations, allowing you to use it at no cost temporarily with more reliability.

  • Is PureVPN Chrome VPN extension safe?

    Yes, our Chrome extension is designed with your security as a top priority. Furthermore, we regularly undergo regular audits by independent third parties to verify the security and privacy claims we make.