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Learn How to Open All Ports for any Purpose

Forward or Open Any UDP/TCP Ports with Port Forwarding using a premium VPN and connect your device to any remote device or server of your choice.

  • Open or forward any UDP/TCP ports from any device
  • Access your PC or laptop from anywhere
  • Speed up your P2P downloads/li>
  • Use port forwarding to configure CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) or to open specific ports for online gaming
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How to Open Ports on Your Router

  • On your web browser, enter the IP address of the router.
  • Enter the admin credentials if need be (the configuration page may differ based on the brand you are using).
  • Search for the Port Forwarding or Forwarding section./li>
  • Click on Configure Port Forwarding.
  • Enter an identifiable name (such as the game you need port forwarding for, or the service, like FTP).
  • Input the port numbers. For instance, write 9955 to open port 9955. Or, write 9955, 9966 to open two ports simultaneously. You may have to choose TCP or UDP or both, but chances are you just need TCP.
  • Choose or Type your device’s IP address
  • Click OK and you are done.
How to Open Ports on Your Router

PureVPN Works On All Your Devices

  • Computer: Laptop, Desktop & Routers
  • Mobile: Android, iPhone & iPad
  • TV & Consoles: Android TV, Kodi, Amazon Firestick Xbox One & More…
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Port Forward Any Game of Your Choice

From PUBG to Dota 2, with our robust Port Forwarding Add-On, you can conveniently open ports that are unavailable on your home, work, or school network and play any game from anywhere in the world.

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Port Forward Any Game of Your Choice

Additional Benefits of a Port Forwarding VPN


Open ports to your favorite game and play online with anyone.

P2P File Sharing

Freely communicate, download, and share files from any resource.

Server Selection

Enjoy unlimited server switching from a list of servers at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you port forward?

Internet-connected devices can have up to 65,535 ports that can be open or accessed at any given time. Thing is, you open all of them, and you’ll be hacked up the wazoo, so by default, ports are closed. Port forwarding, or forwarding ports on a router, enables you to directly connect to a device or service that requires open ports, which is especially important because routers and home/work/school networks likely have them completely blocked. And that means, if you’re playing games, you won’t get the full experience. In the online gaming world, you will need to configure port forwarding on your router.

When should you use port forwarding?

Port shouldn’t be opened freely, because it will invite the wrong kind of traffic. That’s why port forwarding exists: it helps you direct just the right traffic to just the right destination without the extra unnecessary frills. By forwarding ports across certain devices, you can use multiple computers on a single network and allow them to get the full untethered Internet experience. For example, your Xbox One may have some ports forwarded so you can play a specific game. On the other hand, your work computer may be set up as an FTP server, so you’ll want to forward ports for that purpose.

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