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How to Set Up Port Forwarding Using PureVPN

  • Install a PureVPN app.

  • Log in to PureVPN or create a new account.

  • Subscribe by selecting PureVPN’s affordable monthly or annual packages.

  • Now go to the Subscription section.

  • Click on the Port Forwarding option.

  • Select Enable Specific Port or Enable All Ports.

  • Connect to your preferred server.

  • Done! Enjoy Port Forwarding.

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What is Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding provides a direct line of communication between incoming traffic from the Internet and your device on a private network like a computer or game console by opening specific ports.

How does port forwarding work?

Your router uses ports as a line of communication between different applications. Port forwarding allows these ports to redirect network traffic through a specific device on your local network by using port forwarding rules.

Is Port Forwarding Safe?

Ports are direct points of transmission that your router uses to communicate with the Internet. If you open a port for the outsiders to access your device. Will it be safe? You may think it is not. However, that’s not true. If you port forward your router securely, you can enjoy its benefits. To do this, try using a port forwarding add-on instead of configuring your router, as it can go wrong.

Port forwarding vs. port triggering

Simply, port forwarding allows you to open ports and direct traffic all the time to the specific device while port triggering only open ports when needed. This means if the data packet is intended for the device, then traffic will be directed to it.

Does port forwarding improve speed?

Port forwarding can reduce latency, but it cannot directly improve Internet speed. This is because the traffic does not need to run through the router but directly transmits to the device. Add heading in the second fold.

Why Do You Need Port Forwarding?

If you’re playing online games, streaming videos, sharing heavy files, or hosting a web server, port forwarding is what you need. It not only opens a path for your device and other server on the Internet to directly communicate but also reduces latency, which is the time required to process data packets through the router for transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should you use Port Forwarding?

    Internet-connected devices can have up to 65,535 ports that can be open or accessed at any given time. Port forwarding enables you to directly connect to a device or service that requires open ports. This is important since routers and home/work/school networks likely have them completely blocked. So if you’re playing games, you won’t get the full experience. In the online gaming world, you will need to configure port forwarding on your router.

  • What happens when you forward ports?

    Ports shouldn’t be opened freely as it will invite the wrong kind of traffic. This is why port forwarding exists: it helps you direct just the right traffic to just the right destination without the extra unnecessary frills. By forwarding ports across certain devices, you can use multiple computers on a single network and allow them to get the full untethered internet experience. For example, your Xbox One may have some ports forwarded so you can play a specific game. On the other hand, your work computer may be set up as an FTP server, so you’ll want to forward ports for that purpose.

  • How many ports can be forwarded simultaneously?

    15 ports can be forwarded simultaneously. However, this can be increased if required.

  • Do I still need to forward the ports manually from my router?

    No, that’s not necessary if you are subscribing to PureVPN’s Port Forwarding add-on.

  • Will port forwrding allow me to access my camera’s web server remotely?

    Yes. With PureVPN’s Port Forwarding add-on you can easily access camera’s web server remotely.

  • Can I port forward VPN?

    No, you cannot port-forward a VPN. A VPN is a tool that is used for virtual connection between your device and the Internet so an outsider can’t directly access it. In contrast, port forwarding is a technique used to open routes directly for others to your device.

  • What is the difference between VPN and port forwarding?

    VPNs and port forwarding are useful tools, but they have distinct functions. VPNs are known for privacy and safety, while port forwarding is best for website hosting servers and using P2P programs.

    If you are unsure which technique to use or how to configure it correctly, you need to seek advice from your router’s manufacturer for assistance.

  • Does VPN block port forwarding?

    Some VPN providers block port forwarding for security purposes as you are directly outsiders to access your device which opposes the purpose of VPN.

  • How do I know if my VPN port forwarding is working?

    There is a lot of softwares available to check VPN port forwarding. However, if you are using Windows, simply open Command Prompt, insert netstat -a, and tap Enter. If you see LISTENING with the port to forwarded, it means your VPN port forwarding works.

  • What is UPnP?

    Universal Plug and Play is a seamless way to connect and configure devices on a local area network. It can share files, allow remote access, and stream media by using protocols like IP, HTTP, and XML through devices on private networks.

  • Is Port Forwarding Dangerous?

    If you forward a port but do not have a strong security system like 256-bit encryption or complex password, an attacker can access your device. Port forwarding can also be dangerous if you configured your router incorrectly.

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