How to Stream Australian Open Live Online

Published: Feb 19, 2021

You can watch Australian Open live online by following these simple steps:

1. Subscribe to PureVPN and install the app
2. Connect to any Indian server and head to SonyLiv
3. Enjoy the live stream!

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When does it start? February 8, 2021, Monday.
Where to watch? Channel9 or SonyLiv
Who’s the 2020 Men’s Champion? Novak Djokovic

How to Watch Australian Open on Channel9?

Can’t enjoy tennis matches in your country? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help you stream thrilling games all year and enjoy the Australian Open from abroad.

  1. Subscribe to the PureVPN app.
  2. Connect to an Australian server.
  3. Search Channel 9 online and enjoy live tennis matches.

List of Channels Broadcasting the 2021 Australian Open Live

Channels Countries
ESPN and Tennis Channel United States
Eurosport and BBC iPlayer United Kingdom
Sky NZ New Zealand
Channel 9 Australia
SuperSport South Africa
BeIN Sports Middle East
CCTV China
SonyLIV India
ARD and ZDF Germany
TSN and RDN Canada
Super Tennis Italy

Heads up! Most of these streaming channels are region-locked and don’t work in every country. If you cannot access any one of these services because you are outside the region, use a premium VPN to unlock them.

Australian Open Schedule for 2021

Schedule Match
February 8 First Round (Men’s Single)
February 9 First Round (Women’s Single)
February 10 Second Round (Men’s Single)
February 11 Second Round (Women’s Single)
February 12 Third Round (Men’s Single)
February 13 Third Round (Women’s Single)
February 14 Fourth Round (Men’s Single)
February 15 Fourth Round (Women’s Single)
February 16 Quarter-finals (Men’s Single)
February 17 Quarter-finals (Women’s Single)
February 18 Semi-finals (Men’s Single)
February 19 Semi-finals (Women’s Single)
February 20 Women’s Final
February 21 Men’s Final

Can Tennis Fans Watch the Game Live?

You are in luck if you are currently in Australia because Melbourne Park is open for fans and tennis players to shine again. Considering the virus situation, around 25% of attendees can be expected to watch the tournament in the arena.

For those who are staying at home, they can stream the live action on the channels above. But if you run into regional problems and need a quick solution, try using PureVPN to unlock any streaming service. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is like a magic tool that can help you prevent regional restrictions.

Platforms on which you can stream Australian Open Tournament

With PureVPN, you can live stream Australian Open 2021 on the device of your choice. Catch all the action as it is aired on your favorite channels from anywhere in the world.

How To Watch 2021 Australian Open on PS4

1. Configure PureVPN on PS4 or PS3.
2. Connect with PureVPN’s Russia server.
3. Go to PlayStation Internet Browser and visit the channel website.
4. Stream AO 2021 live on PS4 for free.

How To Watch 2021 Australian Open on Apple TV

1. Setup PureVPN on your Apple TV
2. Connect to the server required by the channel.
3. Live stream AO to your heart’s content.

How To Watch 2021 Australian Open On Xbox

1. Configure PureVPN on Xbox.
2. Connect to our Australian server.
3. Open Xbox internet browser and visit the Nine Channel webpage.
4. Livestream AO 2021 on Xbox and catch all the action live.

Watch 2021 Australian Open on Android Apps

1. Download and Install PureVPN Android app.
2. Connect to PureVPN’s US server.
3. Visit Tennis Channel and start watching Australian Open live online.

What You Get with PureVPN

Barrier-free streaming: Use streaming-optimized servers to prevent ISP throttling and enjoy a great experience watching live tennis.

6,500 servers: Without patting ourselves on the back, we offer more servers in almost every country to help you stream any tennis channel online.

Multi logins: Enjoy ten simultaneous connections and use PureVPN on multiple devices all at once, be it a tablet or a mobile device.

Unlock streaming services: With a VPN at your disposal, you can access BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and several other services without any trouble.

Are You Rooting for Novak or Nadal?

Australian Open will feature four of the best tennis players on the planet who will go head-to-head against each other. Even though Djokovic is turning many heads and is a favorite to defend his title, other seasoned players will compete more fiercely. We hope you can use this guide to enjoy every minute of the game.

If you are still facing trouble connecting to a VPN, get in touch with us via the Live Chat option.