How to Stream NBC Outside US

To stream NBC outside the US or anywhere else, you must use a VPN on your streaming devices. Get PureVPN and access NBC from anywhere.

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How to Access NBC from Any Country?

Follow the 3-Steps to get an access to NBC



and subscribe to PureVPN



to a server in a chosen location


All Set

NBC is now accessible

NBC is Not Available outside the US

Even though NBC is available in many countries with different names, the content varies according to region. The best of the programs are only available in the US.

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Best Shows on NBC


This Is Us

This Is Us is an American comedy-drama series starring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz, among a few others. The show follows the lives of a family of two parents and their three children, and how the upbringing of these three children affected them in their adult lives. The show features the lives of all five of these characters, in different stages and frames of their lives, highlighting the baggage that came with their upbringing. So, to summarize it, in a single statement, this Is Us is a prequel and a sequel of single-family.


The Good Place

From the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation, comes The Good Place, a show about Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in a Heaven-like utopia, and is asked to live here as a reward for her righteous life. However, she soon realizes that a mistake was made as her life before her death was anything about righteous. From there on out, her struggle to not go to the “other side” while still being true to herself continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is extremely easy to use VPN for accessing NBC outside the US. Still confused about the good things that can really make a difference? Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions.

On what devices can I watch NBC Live?

NBC Live is available on all iOS and Android handheld and tablet devices. You can install the Android app from the Google Play Store and on the iOS app from the App Store. NBC Live is also available on tvOS, Roku, Android Mobile, Android TV, Amazon Fire Tablet and Amazon Fire TV.

Do I have to subscribe to NBC?

Yes, you have to subscribe to NBC before streaming NBC live.

Where is the NBC live stream available?

NBC live streams are available on TV in the US and via PPV in Canada. Apart from that, NBC is blocked in all other regions. This means that you cannot access NBC unless you subscribe to a good VPN for streaming such as PureVPN.

How can I watch NBC live stream?

NBC has got great content, but it’s only available in the US. Outside the US, you cannot access NBC as it is blocked in other regions. This blockage is known as regional restriction and is put in place by regional broadcast authorities and ISPs making it impossible for users living outside the US to access region-restricted content.

Other Channels You Can Access Instantly:

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