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Enjoy Restriction Free Web Access in Turkey, Use VPN

In past few years, Turkey government became strict over Internet usage. In May 2007, the Turkish Parliament passed Internet law. Around 16,000 websites were banned by Turkish authorities due to this law. Many popular websites including YouTube, and many Google services were banned. Even the European Court of Human Rights’ (EctHR) was against the decision of Turkish government.

After so many oppositions, Turkish Information and broadcasting division known as “BTK” softened its policies. In February, 2011, Turkish government announced five Internet packages for Turkish citizens. The packages were Children pack, Family pack, Domestic pack and Standard pack. Turkish Cyber authorities announced to set up filters so that web visitors can access only filtered web content. The government cited some valid reasons like anti-religious, anti-national, sexual content, pornography for imposing Internet censorship. The government has made it compulsory to use web filtering software in academic institutions, libraries and Cyber cafes.

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According to web analysts, many local and International websites would be affected due to government's decision to install web-content filtering system. Many Turks have protested against government's decision on roads and even on social networking platforms. This is not the first time any nation has taken such action to impose censorship on Internet. China has been famous or notorious, whatever way you take, for imposing restrictions on Internet access. Iran also set protocols on Internet browsing and banned many popular foreign websites. Iran termed it as “Halal Internet”.

Turkish Wants Internet Liberty
Turkey VPN Service

Many people want to break free from these web restrictions, and access blocked websites because of their requirements. People want to access social networking websites to communicate with their pals and relatives living abroad. Similarly, some people want to watch popular videos on YouTube. As Turkish authorities have banned foreign websites, people on a tour to Turkey experience problems in accessing banking websites located in their home countries. People also face the problem in doing online shopping. Many people experience a communication gap by not able to use Google services.

Bypass Internet Censorship in Turkey
Bypass internet censorship in Turkey

However, as every problem has a solution, VPN offers a complete solution for all these problems experienced by Turkish citizens. With Turkey VPN, people can easily bypass Internet censorship. Turkey VPN offers a secure private environment to access blocked websites and services. Turkey VPN comes with a large number of security protocols that make the traffic communication obscure, and government authorities, or Internet gateways are not able to trace them. Only for the sake of your knowledge, VPN security protocols include Point to Point protocol (PPTP), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/ Transport Layer Security (TLS), Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS), Secure Shell (SSH) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP).

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Exchange Messages Through Blocked Services

Turkey VPN enables users to send mails secretly by using blocked services. Mail messages are encrypted by VPN protocols and cannot be interpreted by any government authority.

Access Banned Websites in Turkey
Turkish VPN - Access Banned Websites

Turkey VPN enables users to change and hide IP addresses. By changing IP addresses, you can safely and secretly browse banned websites. IP address determines your location, city and country. When you use a IP address of another country, the authorities will assume you to be based in a different country and will not take notice of your visit to blocked websites. Net users can also access geo-blocked websites by changing IP address. Geo-blocked websites are accessible to people of a certain country only. When you use a IP address of the same country, where the resource website is located, the Internet gateways will permit you access of the website that were earlier banned for you. Thus, you can deceive authorities and access blocked websites without falling into legal trap.

Web access in Turkey via PureVPN offers the following features:

Turkey VPN Highlights

  • Watch movies on Netflix and Hulu in Turkey
  • Watch videos on YouTube, BBC iPlayer and iTV
  • Access blocked banned websites, gambling websites
  • Access Geo-blocked websites and watch online US TV shows
  • Do Online Shopping and Online Banking
  • Use VoIP and Skype services via web access in Turkey

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