How to access chat GPT in Italy with a VPN
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Following an order by the local Data Protection Authority in Italy, OpenAI has started geoblocking access to its generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, in Italy.

ChatGPT, a virtual assistant created by OpenAI, took the internet by storm from the moment it launched. Initially, the service was free for everyone to use, with the company intending to monetize it in the future. As of December 4, 2022, ChatGPT had amassed a user base of over one million. By January 2023, ChatGPT had surpassed 100 million users, earning the distinction of being the quickest-growing consumer application in history. 

Why is ChatGPT blocked in Italy now?

The data protection authority in Italy has raised concerns about ChatGPT processing Italians’ data. Moreover, the accuracy of the information provided by ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots is also being questioned by the authority. 

ChatGPT Disabled for User in Italy

As per the authority, these chatbots can sometimes produce erroneous information about named individuals, which is referred to as “hallucinating” by AI makers. This is a problem because the GDPR provides individuals with the right to rectify any erroneous information about them, and it is not clear if OpenAI has a system in place for users to correct this information.

The data protection authority has also expressed concerns about the safety of minors accessing the technology. They have raised a flag about child safety, noting that there is no system in place to verify a user’s age and prevent inappropriate access.

As a result, OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has disabled access to the service for Italian users and will be issuing refunds to those who bought the ChatGPT Plus subscription service. Subscription renewals for Italian users have also been temporarily paused. Due to this, you may not be able to access your account even if you are outside Italy, since your account was originally created in Italy.

How can I access ChatGPT in Italy? (Fix Chat GPT Disable for Users in Italy Error)

Since ChatGPT is only available outside Italy now, you will have to use a VPN to be able to access ChatGPT in Italy. 

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download our app on your device.
  3. Connect to any non-Italian server (a US server would work perfectly fine).
  4. Open ChatGPT and sign up. 
  5. Enjoy using ChatGPT in Italy!

Note: Make sure you’re connected to PureVPN every time you need to use ChatGPT.

How does a VPN help you access ChatGPT in Italy?

Geo-blocking technology is being used by OpenAI to prevent non-Italy users from accessing the AI chatbot (ChatGPT) in Italy.

The most effective way to access ChatGPT in Italy without any restrictions is to use a premium VPN like PureVPN. It will let you switch to a non-Italian IP address, so your traffic will appear to come from outside Italy, meaning you can bypass ChatGPT’s geo-blocking and access it hassle-free.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my old ChatGPT account in Italy with a VPN?

No. If your account was originally registered in Italy, it may not be accessible, so you will have to create a new account after connecting to a reliable VPN like PureVPN. OpenAI will be issuing refunds to Italians who bought the ChatGPT Plus subscription service. Subscription renewals for Italian users have also been temporarily paused.


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