How to Watch Indianapolis Colts Games Live in 2023
PUREVPNSportsHow to Watch Indianapolis Colts Games Live in 2024

Indianapolis Colts has entertained fans since 1953 with their jaw-dropping performances, multiple championships, and Super Bowl victories. Let’s see how the Colts captivate the attention of millions this time. Are you ready to spectate the real-time event at the Lucas Oil Stadium? Wear your blue and white jerseys and gear up to catch all snap, tackle, and touchdown. Tickets for the upcoming Colts vs. Jaguars cost $35 minimum, but there’s another way to see all the forthcoming games for less than $10/month.

How to Watch Indianapolis Colts Games Out of Market

As the second option seems more convenient, you can always tune in to Paramount+ at $5.99 to enjoy your favorite sports events. Since Colts matches are restricted in Indianapolis, change your server with a VPN to enjoy the streaming. For enhanced internet security and protected surfing, PureVPN is an ideal gateway to entertainment. 

Follow these steps to watch Indianapolis Colts Games Out of Market

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the server in the US. (PureVPN has several servers in the US for viewing NFL games. You can switch to any city.)
  4. Open Paramount+.
  5. Enjoy watching Indianapolis Colts Games in 2024 on Paramount+ .

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Indianapolis Colts games

The Indianapolis Colts games are not streamed in the city to encourage live viewing at the stadium. As not all fans prefer to buy stadium tickets, one can stream the regionally restricted game using a VPN. The Virtual Private Network, like PureVPN, makes it easy for viewers to access blocked content and enjoy anonymous internet surfing. Get PureVPN for $2.29/month and enjoy your shows without any interruption. 

Watch Indianapolis Colts Games Live on CBS

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the server in the US.(PureVPN has many IP addresses at the city level in the US.)
  4. Open CBS.
  5. Enjoy watching Indianapolis Colts Games in 2024 on CBS.

Indianapolis Colts Schedule 2024 – NFL Season

  • Week 1: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 2: at Houston Texans (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 3: Monday Night Football: vs. Los Angeles Rams (8:15 PM ET)
  • Week 4: at Tennessee Titans (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 5: vs. Arizona Cardinals (October 8, 1:05 PM ET)
  • Week 6: at Seattle Seahawks (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 7: vs. Buffalo Bills (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 8: at New York Jets (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 9: BYE
  • Week 10: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 11: at Cincinnati Bengals (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 12: vs. Kansas City Chiefs (4:25 PM ET)
  • Week 13: at Las Vegas Raiders (8:20 PM ET)
  • Week 14: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 15: at Minnesota Vikings (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 16: vs. Tennessee Titans (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 17: at Houston Texans (1:00 PM ET)

Watch Indianapolis Colts games Live on Fubo TV 

Fans can now watch the NFL games on various sporting channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and ESPN with Fubo TV.  Subscribe to the platform for $75 and access local and cable TV channels in HD.

Fubo offers one week’s free trial for potential subscribers with no contract limitations. Test run the channel to see if it satisfies your inner sports lover. The channel is streamable on Android, iOS, Xbox One, 4th Gen Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Stick. Have the cloud DVR service and 3 devices’ simultaneous streaming options at a reasonable cost, and enjoy your game with your buddies. 

Watch Indianapolis Colts games Live on Hulu + Live TV

If you want to have an enhanced sports streaming experience, subscribe to Hulu+Live for $69.99/month. Control your streaming experience with the ability to pause, rewind, and replay live TV. The cloud DVR option lets you record the live event and watch it later at your convenience. Enjoy a wide range of sporting events, live and on-demand shows, customizable experiences, multi-device accessibility, and much more on Hulu+ Live. 

If the channel is not streamable in your region, get PureVPN to access the geo-blocked content. 

Watch Indianapolis Colts Online (Live Outside TV Market)

If you reside outside the Indianapolis Colts designated TV market, the suggested solutions mentioned earlier (fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM) will primarily provide access to regional Sunday afternoon games and nationally televised matchups (such as Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football) that are broadcast on networks like ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC.

However, if your goal is to watch live Indianapolis Colts games while living outside their TV market, you have two viable alternatives:

  1. YouTube TV with NFL Sunday Ticket: Subscribing to YouTube TV in conjunction with NFL Sunday Ticket will grant you access to all live Indianapolis Colts games, even if you’re located beyond their designated market.
  2. International Version of NFL Game Pass via Paramount+ with PureVPN: Another option is to access the international version of NFL Game Pass through Paramount+ and use a VPN to simulate being located outside the United States. This approach enables you to watch Indianapolis Colts games in real-time, regardless of your geographical location.

Watch Indianapolis Colts on YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket

YouTube TV offers an extensive package that includes ABC, ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network, ensuring access to nationally televised Indianapolis Colts games as well as regional Indianapolis Colts games on Sunday afternoons. These channels are all part of YouTube TV’s channel lineup, available for a monthly subscription cost of $72.99.

YouTube TV also serves as the exclusive platform for NFL Sunday Ticket, which broadcasts every out-of-market game except those that are nationally or regionally televised on channels already available through YouTube TV. Here are the pricing options for adding NFL Sunday Ticket:

  • $299 for the NFL Sunday Ticket season if you sign up before September 19th.
  • $339 if you choose to include the NFL RedZone channel and sign up before September 19th.
  • $349 for NFL Sunday Ticket if you sign up after September 19th.
  • $389 if you sign up after September 19th and decide to add NFL RedZone.

These options provide flexibility and accessibility for Indianapolis Colts fans to enjoy their games throughout the NFL season.

2024 NFL Schedule

Week 18

Saturday, Jan. 6

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens, 4:30 p.m. (ABC/ESPN)
  • Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts, 8:15 p.m. (ABC/ESPN)

Sunday, Jan. 7

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers, 1 p.m. (FOX)
  • Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals, 1 p.m. (CBS)
  • Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions, 1 p.m. (FOX)
  • New York Jets at New England Patriots, 1 p.m. (FOX)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans, 1 p.m. (CBS)
  • Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, 1 p.m. (CBS)
  • Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals, 4:25 p.m. (FOX)
  • Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers, 4:25 p.m. (CBS)
  • Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers, 4:25 p.m. (CBS)
  • Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders, 4:25 p.m. (FOX)
  • Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants, 4:25 p.m. (CBS)
  • Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers, 4:25 p.m. (FOX)
  • Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders, 4:25 p.m. (FOX)
  • Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins, 8:20 p.m. (NBC)

NFL Standings 2024 after week 17

AFC playoff picture

*–1Ravens13-3W vs. MIA
x–2Dolphins11-5L vs. BAL
z–3Chiefs10-6W vs. CIN
4Jaguars9-7W vs. CAR
x–5Browns11-5W vs. NYJ
6Bills10-6W vs. NE
7Colts9-7W vs. LV

In the hunt

• Houston Texans (9-7)
• Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)


• Denver Broncos (8-8)
• Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)
• Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)
• New York Jets (6-10)
• Tennessee Titans (5-11)
• Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)
• New England Patriots (4-12)

NFC playoff picture

*–149ers12-4W vs. WAS
x–2Cowboys11-5W vs. DET
z–3Lions11-5L vs. DAL
4Buccaneers8-8L vs. NO
x–5Eagles11-5L vs. ARI
x–6Rams9-7W vs. NYG
7Packers8-8W vs. MIN

In the hunt

• Seattle Seahawks (8-8)
• New Orleans Saints (8-8)
• Minnesota Vikings (7-9)
• Atlanta Falcons (7-9)


• Chicago Bears (7-9)
• New York Giants (5-11)
• Washington Commanders (4-12)
• Arizona Cardinals (4-12)
• Carolina Panthers (2-14)

Indianapolis Colts Squad 2024

#PlayerPos.DOBAgeHTWTSchoolOrig. TeamDraft StatusNFL Exp.
95Adebawore, AdetomiwaDT03/04/2001226′ 02″282NorthwesternIND23 04 0110R
98Agim, McTelvinDT09/25/1997256′ 03″300ArkansasDEN20 03 19953
81Alie-Cox, MoTE09/19/1993296′ 05″267Virginia CommonwealthIND FA17 SFA6
47Anderson, LiamLB04/30/2000236′ 03″226Holy CrossIND FA23 CFAR
39Baker Jr., DarrellCB03/27/1998256′ 01″190Georgia SouthernARZ FA22 CFA1
36Black, HenryS01/03/1997266′ 00″204BaylorGB FA20 CFA3
32Blackmon, JulianS08/24/1998256′ 00″202UtahIND20 03 19854
29Brents, JuJuCB01/18/2000236′ 03″198Kansas StateIND23 02 1944R
49Brown, PharaohTE05/04/1994296′ 06″246OregonOAK FA17 CFA6
38Brown, TonyCB07/13/1996276′ 00″199AlabamaLAC FA18 CFA5
96Bryan, TavenDT03/11/1996276′ 05″291FloridaJAX18 01 20296
99Buckner, DeForestDT03/17/1994296′ 07″295OregonSF16 01 20078
20Cross, NickSS09/10/2001216′ 00″212MarylandIND22 03 19962
42Dabo, MarcelS01/10/2000236′ 00″208StuttgartIND FA22 SFA1
43Denbow, TrevorS08/26/1998255′ 11″208SMUIND FA22 CFA2
57Domann, JoJoLB07/28/1997266′ 01″230NebraskaIND FA22 CFA2
1Downs, JoshWR08/12/2001225′ 10″171North CarolinaIND23 03 1979R
52Ebukam, SamsonDE05/09/1995286′ 02″245Eastern WashingtonLAR17 04 01257
4Ehlinger, SamQB09/30/1998246′ 01″225TexasIND21 06 02183
33Flowers, DallisCB06/04/1997266′ 01″196Pittsburg StateIND FA22 CFA2
44Franklin, ZaireLB07/02/1996276′ 05″235SyracuseIND18 07 02356
73Freeland, BlakeOT05/03/2001226′ 08″302BYUIND23 04 0106R
62French, WesleyOC11/30/1996266′ 04″307Western MichiganIND FA22 CFA2
75Fries, WillOC/OG04/04/1998256′ 06″305Penn StateIND21 07 02483
37Funk, JakeRB01/11/1998255′ 10″205MarylandLAR21 07 02332
7Gay, MattPK03/15/1994296′ 00″232UtahTB19 05 01455
83Granson, KylenTE03/27/1998256′ 01″242SMUIND21 04 01273
64Hambright, ArlingtonOG01/30/1996276′ 04″300ColoradoCHI20 07 02262
48Harrison Jr., RonnieSS04/18/1997266′ 02″207AlabamaJAX18 03 19936
26Hull, EvanRB10/26/2000225′ 10″209NorthwesternIND23 05 0176R
36Huntley, JasonRB04/20/1998255′ 08″195New Mexico StateDET20 05 01722
35Jackson, DeonRB02/18/1999246′ 00″216DukeIND FA21 CFA3
93Johnson II, EricDT07/16/1998256′ 04″299Missouri StateIND22 05 01592
40Jones, JaylonCB04/03/2002216′ 01″203Texas A&MIND23 07 0221R
55Kareem, KhalidDE04/28/1998256′ 04″268Notre DameCIN20 05 01474
78Kelly, RyanOC05/30/1993306′ 04″307AlabamaIND16 01 20188
91Leo, TitusDE08/26/1999246′ 03″245WagnerIND23 06 0211R
53Leonard, ShaquilleLB07/27/1995286′ 02″230South Carolina StateIND18 02 19366
94Lewis, TyquanDE01/30/1995286′ 03″267Ohio StateIND18 02 19646
86Mallory, WillTE06/02/1999246′ 05″239MiamiIND23 05 0161R
59McGrone, CameronLB06/22/2000236′ 01″236MichiganNE21 05 01772
6McKenzie, IsaiahWR04/09/1995285′ 07″173GeorgiaDEN17 05 01727
10Minshew, GardnerQB05/16/1996276′ 01″225Washington StateJAX19 06 01785
8Montgomery, D.J.WR11/17/1996266′ 01″201Austin PeayCLE FA19 CFA3
23Moore II, KennyCB08/23/1995285′ 09″190Valdosta StateNE FA17 CFA7
21Moss, ZackRB12/15/1997255′ 09″205UtahBUF20 03 19864
97Muhammad, Al-QuadinDE03/28/1995286′ 03″250MiamiNO17 06 01967
58Mutin, DonavanLB09/22/2000226′ 00″227HoustonIND FA23 CFAR
56Nelson, QuentonOG03/19/1996276′ 05″330Notre DameIND18 01 20066
61O’Donnell, CarterOG/OT12/23/1998246′ 05″305AlbertaIND FA20 CFA2
54Odeyingbo, DayoDE09/24/1999236′ 05″286VanderbiltIND21 02 19543
85Ogletree, DrewTE07/28/1998256′ 05″260Youngstown StateIND22 06 01922
50Olubi, SegunLB11/01/1999236′ 00″225San Diego StateSF FA22 CFA1
51Paye, KwityDE11/19/1998246′ 02″265MichiganIND21 01 20213
14Pierce, AlecWR05/02/2000236′ 03″211CincinnatiIND22 02 19532
63Pinter, DannyOG/OC06/19/1996276′ 04″301Ball StateIND20 05 01494
11Pittman Jr., MichaelWR10/05/1997256′ 04″223USCIND20 02 19344
79Raimann, BernhardOT09/23/1997256′ 06″303Central MichiganIND22 03 19772
46Rhodes, LukeLS12/02/1992306′ 02″238William & MaryTB FA16 CFA7
5Richardson, AnthonyQB05/22/2001226′ 04″244FloridaIND23 01 2004R
3Rodgers, AmariWR09/23/1999235′ 09″212ClemsonGB21 03 19853
30Rush, DariusCB02/22/2000236′ 02″198South CarolinaIND23 05 0138R
68Sampson, CalebDT07/28/1998256′ 03″306KansasIND FA23 CFAR
8Sanchez, RigobertoPT09/08/1994286′ 00″195HawaiiIND FA17 CFA7
48Seals-Jones, RickyTE03/15/1995286′ 05″243Texas A&MARZ FA17 CFA6
65Shepley, DakodaOC12/27/1994286′ 05″290British ColumbiaNYJ FA18 CFA2
74Skipper, DanOT/OG09/20/1994286′ 10″330ArkansasDAL FA17 CFA4
72Smith, BradenOT03/25/1996276′ 06″312AuburnIND18 02 19376
15Smith, VyncintWR06/09/1996276′ 02″195LimestoneHOU FA18 CFA4
45Speed, E.J.LB06/01/1995286′ 06″227Tarleton StateIND19 05 01645
90Stewart, GroverDT10/20/1993296′ 06″314Albany StateIND17 04 01447
17Strachan, MikeWR08/13/1997266′ 05″225CharlestonIND21 07 02293
41Stuard, GrantLB10/15/1998245′ 11″230HoustonTB21 07 02593
28Taylor, JonathanRB01/19/1999245′ 10″226WisconsinIND20 02 19414
37Taylor-Stuart, IsaacCB10/25/1999236′ 01″200USCDAL FA22 CFA2
25Thomas II, RodneyFS06/26/1998256′ 02″196YaleIND22 07 02392
27Toliver II, KevinCB11/24/1995276′ 02″192LSUCHI FA18 CFA4
8Winfree, JuwannWR09/04/1996276′ 04″210ColoradoDEN19 06 01873
80Woods, JelaniTE10/09/1998246′ 07″253VirginiaIND22 03 19732
92Avery, GenardDE04/26/1995286′ 00″250MemphisCLE18 05 01506
16Dulin, AshtonWR05/15/1997266′ 01″215MaloneIND FA19 CFA5
34Lammons, ChrisCB01/31/1996275′ 09″190South CarolinaATL FA18 CFA4
31Scott, DanielS10/26/1998246′ 01″208CaliforniaIND23 05 0158R
12Turner, MalikWR01/30/1996276′ 02″202IllinoisSEA FA18 CFA5
76Witt, JakeOT02/07/2000236′ 06″302Northern MichiganIND23 07 0236R

Indianapolis Colts History

The Indianapolis Colts have contributed significantly to the history of American football since its inception in 1953. In 1964 and 1968, renowned head coach Don Shula coached the Colts to NFL Western Conference victories. The Colts’ journey has been dramatically illustrated by their historic triumphs, heart-stopping comebacks, and hard-fought confrontations on the field. The team has won the NFL title thrice (1958, 1959, 1968) and the Super Bowl twice (1971, 2007). 

PureVPN – Best VPN to watch Indianapolis Colts Games

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I watch Colts games live online or through streaming services?

You can watch Indianapolis Colts games live through streaming services offering NFL coverage, such as NFL Game Pass, CBS, NBC’s Peacock, and other networks’ streaming options. 

How many Super Bowl championships have the Colts won?

The Indianapolis Colts have won two Super Bowl championships, in 1970 (Super Bowl V) and 2006 (Super Bowl XLI).

Why is Indianapolis called the Colts?

The team now plays in Indianapolis as the Indianapolis Colts. The team was named for Baltimore’s history of horse breeding and racing.


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