How to Watch New Orleans Saints Games Live in 2023

How to Watch New Orleans Saints Games Live in 2023

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The Orleans Saints’ 57th season is finally happening. The team amazingly played in the pre-season, but the main fight for the championship starts with the Regular season. The two main rivals for the team are the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s see how the Saints play against them and amaze their fans. The regular season is going to hit our screens on September 10, 2023. If you are a fan, keep scrolling and learn how you can conveniently stream each NFL game. 

How to Watch New Orleans Saints Games Out of Market

With PureVPN and Paramount+, NFL fans can now satisfy their hunger for some action & thrill by streaming New Orleans Saints on their screen. Enjoy how the event unfolds and stay up to the minute about your favorite team all the time. PureVPN offers servers in several US cities, enabling you to access the NFL without blackout restrictions. 

Follow the procedure and watch New Orleans Saints Games Out of Market

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the server in the US. (PureVPN has several servers in the US for viewing NFL games. You can switch to any city.)
  4. Open Paramount+.
  5. Enjoy watching New Orleans Saints Games in 2023 on Paramount+ .

Why You Need a VPN to Watch New Orleans Saints Games

The New Orleans Saints play so well that their fandom is growing every year. Unfortunately, fans in some states often miss the live NFL actions as the event unfolds due to regional blackouts. 

To bypass the restriction, a premium VPN like PureVPN is highly recommended. The platform lets you stream your favorite shows, providing you with 6500 fast and secure servers at a pocket-friendly price. Now, you can watch your favorite NFL team’s live actions on your screen, no matter what state you live in. 

Watch New Orleans Saints Games Live on CBS

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the server in the US.(PureVPN has many IP addresses at the city level in the US.)
  4. Open CBS.
  5. Enjoy watching New Orleans Saints Games in 2023 on CBS.

New Orleans Saints Schedule 2023 – NFL Season

  • Week 1: vs. Tennessee Titans (1:00 PM ET)
  • Monday Night Football: at Carolina Panthers (8:15 PM ET)
  • Week 3: vs. Green Bay Packers (1:25 PM ET)
  • Week 4: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 5: at New England Patriots (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 6: vs. Houston Texans (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 7: at Chicago Bears (1:00 PM ET)
  • BYE
  • Week 9: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 10: at Washington Commanders (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 11: vs. Seattle Seahawks (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 12: at Atlanta Falcons (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 13: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (1:00 PM ET)
  • Thursday Night Football: at Dallas Cowboys (10:15 PM ET)
  • Week 15: vs. Arizona Cardinals (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 16: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:00 PM ET)
  • Week 17: at Atlanta Falcons (1:00 PM ET)

Watch New Orleans Saints games Live on Fubo

If you have decided to cut the cords, Fubo TV can now entertain you for $75/month. Here is what an affordable monthly package can provide you without any long-term contract.

  • Original programs, expert analysis and documentaries
  • 4K streaming
  • 1000 hrs. cloud DVR storage
  • Multi subscription plans including Pro, Elite, Premier and Latino. 
  • Multi-device accessibility
  • Live and on-demand shows

You can also connect with your fellow fans through Fubo’s online forums and social communities. Enjoy your favourite games while sharing the important moments with your like-minded people. 

Watch New Orleans Saints games Live on Hulu + Live TV

Sports lovers secretly wish to control their game streamings. They want to pause, rewind and replay the moments to relive them. With Hulu+Live, you can do it all and enjoy every moment you want. 

In case of a missed match, you can replay a game session or simply record it for later. The best thing this channel offers you is a cloud DVR with unlimited storage. Record unlimited shows and watch them later to relive your amazing moments.  

The channel offers a wide range of content, live and on-demand shows, customizable experiences, and multi-device accessibility for only $69.99/month. In case the channel is not available in your region, get PureVPN!

Watch New Orleans Saints games Live on Sling TV

Sling TV is the most affordable platform that provides NFL Network, FOX News, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, FOX, and NBC for only $55/month. Upon subscribing to Sling Blue and Sling Orange, you can access all the mentioned channels with 50 hours of DVR storage. Enjoy a variety of content, live and on-demand shows, sports extra add-ons and much more at an economical rate. 

Watch New Orleans Saints Online (Live Outside TV Market)

If you reside outside the New Orleans Saints designated TV market, the suggested solutions mentioned earlier (fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM) will primarily provide access to regional Sunday afternoon games and nationally televised matchups (such as Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football) that are broadcast on networks like ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC.

However, if your goal is to watch live New Orleans Saints games while living outside their TV market, you have two viable alternatives:

  1. YouTube TV with NFL Sunday Ticket: Subscribing to YouTube TV in conjunction with NFL Sunday Ticket will grant you access to all live New Orleans Saints games, even if you’re located beyond their designated market.
  2. International Version of NFL Game Pass via Paramount+ with PureVPN: Another option is to access the international version of NFL Game Pass through Paramount+ and use a VPN to simulate being located outside the United States. This approach enables you to watch New Orleans Saints games in real-time, regardless of your geographical location.

Watch New Orleans Saints on YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket

YouTube TV offers an extensive package that includes ABC, ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network, ensuring access to nationally televised New Orleans Saints games as well as regional New Orleans Saints games on Sunday afternoons. These channels are all part of YouTube TV’s channel lineup, available for a monthly subscription cost of $72.99.

YouTube TV also serves as the exclusive platform for NFL Sunday Ticket, which broadcasts every out-of-market game except those that are nationally or regionally televised on channels already available through YouTube TV. Here are the pricing options for adding NFL Sunday Ticket:

  • $299 for the NFL Sunday Ticket season if you sign up before September 19th.
  • $339 if you choose to include the NFL RedZone channel and sign up before September 19th.
  • $349 for NFL Sunday Ticket if you sign up after September 19th.
  • $389 if you sign up after September 19th and decide to add NFL RedZone.

These options provide flexibility and accessibility for New Orleans Saints fans to enjoy their games throughout the NFL season.

NFL Standings after Week 3 of 18

AFC East

  1. Miami Dolphins, 3-0
  2. Buffalo Bills, 2-1
  3. New York Jets, 1-2
  4. New England Patriots, 1-2

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens, 2-1
  2. Cleveland Browns, 2-1
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers, 2-1
  4. Cincinnati Bengals, 1-2

AFC South

  1. Indianapolis Colts, 2-1
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-2
  3. Tennessee Titans, 1-2
  4. Houston Texans, 1-2

AFC West

  1. Kansas City Chiefs, 2-1
  2. Las Vegas Raiders, 1-2
  3. Los Angeles Chargers, 1-2
  4. Denver Broncos, 0-3

NFC East

  1. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-0
  2. Dallas Cowboys, 2-1
  3. Washington Commanders, 2-1
  4. New York Giants, 1-2

NFC North

  1. Detroit Lions, 2-1
  2. Green Bay Packers, 2-1
  3. Chicago Bears, 0-3
  4. Minnesota Vikings, 0-3

NFC South

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2-1
  2. New Orleans Saints, 2-1
  3. Atlanta Falcons, 2-1
  4. Carolina Panthers, 0-3

NFC West

  1. San Francisco 49ers, 3-0
  2. Seattle Seahawks, 2-1
  3. Los Angeles Rams, 1-2
  4. Arizona Cardinals, 1-2

NFL Channels in 2023

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
NFL Network

Squad list

#PlayerPos.DOBAgeHTWTSchoolOrig. TeamDraft StatusNFL Exp.
29Adebo, PaulsonCB07/03/1999246′ 01″192StanfordNO21 03 19763
0Amadi, UgoS05/16/1997265′ 09″201OregonSEA19 04 01325
53Baun, ZackLB12/30/1996266′ 02″225WisconsinNO20 03 19744
90Bresee, BryanDT10/06/2001216′ 05″305ClemsonNO23 01 2029R
4Carr, DerekQB03/28/1991326′ 02″215Fresno StateOAK14 02 193610
56Davis, DemarioLB01/11/1989346′ 02″248Arkansas StateNYJ12 03 197712
55Foskey, IsaiahDE10/30/2000226′ 05″265Notre DameNO23 02 1940R
73Garcia, MaxOG/OC11/09/1991316′ 04″309FloridaDEN15 04 01339
80Graham, JimmyTE11/24/1986366′ 06″265MiamiNO10 03 199513
96Granderson, CarlDE12/18/1996266′ 05″261WyomingNO FA19 CFA5
48Gray, J.T.S01/18/1996275′ 11″202Mississippi StateNO FA18 CFA6
19Grupe, BlakePK11/05/1998245′ 08″156Notre DameNO FA23 CFAR
14Haener, JakeQB03/16/1999246′ 00″200Fresno StateNO23 04 0127R
39Hedley, LouPT06/27/1993306′ 03″220MiamiNO FA23 CFAR
7Hill, TaysomTE08/23/1990336′ 02″221BYUGB FA17 CFA7
31Howden, JordanS05/14/2000236′ 00″209MinnesotaNO23 05 0146R
74Hurst, JamesOT/OG12/17/1991316′ 05″310North CarolinaBAL FA14 CFA10
52Jackson, D’MarcoLB07/20/1998256′ 01″233Appalachian StateNO22 05 01602
83Johnson, JuwanTE09/13/1996266′ 04″231OregonNO FA20 CFA4
28Johnson Jr., LonnieS11/04/1995276′ 02″213KentuckyHOU19 02 19545
94Jordan, CameronDE07/10/1989346′ 04″287CaliforniaNO11 01 202413
18Kirkwood, KeithWR12/26/1993296′ 02″210TempleNO FA18 CFA4
92Kpassagnon, TanohDE06/14/1994296′ 07″289VillanovaKC17 02 19597
23Lattimore, MarshonCB05/19/1996276′ 00″192Ohio StateNO17 01 20117
32Mathieu, TyrannS05/13/1992315′ 09″190LSUARZ13 03 196911
6Maye, MarcusS03/08/1994296′ 00″207FloridaNYJ17 02 19397
78McCoy, ErikOC/OG08/27/1997266′ 04″303Texas A&MNO19 02 19485
33Merritt, KirkRB01/05/1997266′ 00″214Arkansas StateMIA FA20 CFA1
25Miller, KendreRB06/11/2002216′ 00″220TCUNO23 03 1971R
82Moreau, FosterTE05/06/1997266′ 04″250LSUOAK19 04 01375
12Olave, ChrisWR06/27/2000236′ 00″187Ohio StateNO22 01 20112
75Peat, AndrusOG/OT11/04/1993296′ 07″316StanfordNO15 01 20139
70Penning, TrevorOT05/15/1999246′ 07″325Northern IowaNO22 01 20192
17Perry, A.T.WR10/26/1999236′ 03″205Wake ForestNO23 06 0195R
46Prentice, AdamFB01/16/1997265′ 11″245South CarolinaDEN FA21 CFA3
71Ramczyk, RyanOT04/22/1994296′ 06″314WisconsinNO17 01 19327
97Roach, MalcolmDT06/09/1998256′ 02″290TexasNO FA20 CFA4
51Ruiz, CesarOC/OG06/14/1999246′ 03″316MichiganNO20 01 20244
64Saldiveri, NickOT/OG08/14/2000236′ 06″316Old DominionNO23 04 0103R
99Saunders, KhalenDT08/09/1996276′ 00″324Western IllinoisKC19 03 19845
45Sewell, NephiLB12/19/1998245′ 11″228UtahNO FA22 CFA1
22Shaheed, RashidWR08/31/1998255′ 11″180Weber StateNO FA22 CFA2
93Shepherd, NathanDT10/09/1993296′ 04″315Fort Hays StateNYJ18 03 19726
10Smith, Tre’QuanWR01/07/1996276′ 02″210Central FloridaNO18 03 19916
1Taylor, AlontaeCB12/03/1998246′ 00″199TennesseeNO22 02 19492
13Thomas, MichaelWR03/03/1993306′ 03″212Ohio StateNO16 02 19478
98Turner, PaytonDE01/07/1999246′ 05″270HoustonNO21 01 20283
20Werner, PeteLB06/05/1999246′ 02″242Ohio StateNO21 02 19603
30Williams, JamaalRB04/03/1995286′ 00″224BYUGB17 04 01347
2Winston, JameisQB01/06/1994296′ 04″231Florida StateTB15 01 20019
49Wood, ZachLS01/10/1993306′ 03″255SMUDAL FA16 CFA7
27Yiadom, IsaacCB02/20/1996276′ 01″188Boston CollegeDEN18 03 19996
67Young, LandonOT08/21/1997266′ 06″321KentuckyNO21 06 02063
26Benjamin, EnoRB04/13/1999245′ 09″207Arizona StateARZ20 07 02224
50Dowell, AndrewLB11/16/1996266′ 00″225Michigan StateDAL FA19 CFA3
41Kamara, AlvinRB07/25/1995285′ 10″215TennesseeNO17 03 19677
59Turner, TraiOG06/14/1993306′ 03″320LSUCAR14 03 199210

New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints started their journey in 1967 after getting a franchise on November 1, 1966. Like any other team, the Saints had an initial phase of struggle to fit into the world of American football. The turning point for the Saints was their Super Bowl achievement in 2010 under Sean Payton’s leadership. The Saints won the NFC Championship in 2009 and the NFC Western Division Championships in 1991 and 2000. The team has successfully secured division titles and has appeared in multiple playoffs along with the Super Bowl triumph. The team has an all-time record of 403-460-5. Besides their achievements on the grounds of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the team fosters a sense of community engagement.

PureVPN – Best VPN to watch New Orleans Saints Games

PureVPN offers an extensive network of USA-based VPN servers, ensuring easy access to NFL content regardless of your location.What’s more, bypassing NFL’s geo-blocks and VPN restrictions is a breeze with PureVPN, requiring just a few simple clicks. Should you encounter any hurdles while accessing NFL, our dedicated customer support team is at your service 24/7 through live chat.With PureVPN’s high-speed 20 Gbps servers, you can relish buffer-free streaming of your favorite NFL games on any device of your choice. And if you’re still uncertain, rest easy knowing that all PureVPN subscriptions include a risk-free 31-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to put our VPN service to the test with confidence!

Fast VPN and Proxy by PureVPN - Apps on Google Play PureVPN Other VPN Providers

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VPN protocols
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4K Streaming Experience
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Simultaneous connections
10 Simultaneous Connections.May offer less simultaneous connection based on plans.

Knowledge base, FAQs, email, 24/7 live chat.Knowledge base, FAQs, email, 24/7 live chat.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I find the Saints game online?

The game can be seen live on the Fox Sports app and the NFL’s streaming service, NFL+.

Has the team won any Super Bowl championships?

Yes, the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl championship in Super Bowl XLIV, which took place in the 2009 NFL season. They defeated the Indianapolis Colts.

Who are some of the notable players in the history of the New Orleans Saints?

The Saints have had several notable players, including quarterback Drew Brees, running back Reggie Bush, wide receiver Marques Colston, and defensive end Cameron Jordan, among others.


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