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The UEFA Europa League was established in 1971 by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). This league was previously known as the UEFA Cup. This football club organizes an annual competition comprising 58 teams and 32 groups. So, gear-up football fans, because the UEFA Europa League will start on 16 February and end on 31 May 2023. Plus, missing this amazing soccer-rich league is not an option anymore. 

Details of UEFA Europa League 2023

  • Final Date: May 22, 2024
  • Location: Aviva Stadium
  • Country: Ireland
  • Current Champion: Sevilla FC (7th title)

What is  Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is an American streaming service. This streaming portal provides a digital subscription for a live-streaming service from Paramount. The content available on Paramount Plus is usually sports but also series, tv shows, and movies. UEFA Europa League will be live on Paramount Plus.

 How to Watch UEFA Europa Live Stream on Paramount Plus

All soccer lovers and fans, now you can watch all UEFA Europa matches live on Paramount Plus.

This channel allows live streaming of every match of the UEFA Europa, and if you face geo-restrictions outside the US, simply subscribe to a reliable VPN like PureVPN.

Follows these steps to unlock Paramount Plus outside the US region.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the US server
  4. Open Paramount Plus and log in or sign up to your account.
  5. Enjoy streaming live UEFA Europa matches live stream on Paramount Plus

2023–24 UEFA Europa League Schedule

Matchday one

21/09/2317:45Union Saint-Gilloise vs ToulouseE
21/09/2317:45LASK vs LiverpoolE
21/09/2317:45Rennes vs Maccabi HaifaF
21/09/2317:45Panathinaikos vs VillarrealF
21/09/2317:45Servette vs Slavia PragueG
21/09/2317:45Sheriff Tiraspol vs RomaG
21/09/2317:45Bayer Leverkusen vs HackenH
21/09/2317:45Qarabag vs MoldeH
21/09/2320:00West Ham vs Backa TopolaA
21/09/2320:00Olympiacos vs FreiburgA
21/09/2320:00Ajax vs MarseilleB
21/09/2320:00Brighton vs AEK AthensB
21/09/2320:00Sparta Prague vs Aris LimassolC
21/09/2320:00Rangers vs Real BetisC
21/09/2320:00Atalanta vs RakowD
21/09/2320:00Sturm Graz vs Sporting CPD

Matchday two

05/10/2317:45Freiburg vs West HamA
05/10/2317:45Backa Topola vs OlympiacosA
05/10/2317:45Marseille vs BrightonB
05/10/2317:45AEK Athens vs AjaxB
05/10/2317:45Real Betis vs Sparta PragueC
05/10/2317:45Aris Limassol vs RangersC
05/10/2317:45Sporting CP vs AtalantaD
05/10/2317:45Rakow vs Sturm GrazD
05/10/2320:00Liverpool vs Union Saint-GilloiseE
05/10/2320:00Toulouse vs LASKE
05/10/2320:00Villarreal vs RennesF
05/10/2320:00Maccabi Haifa vs PanathinaikosF
05/10/2320:00Roma vs ServetteG
05/10/2320:00Slavia Prague vs Sheriff TiraspolG
05/10/2320:00Molde vs Bayer LeverkusenH
05/10/2320:00Hacken vs QarabagH

Matchday three

26/10/2317:45Olympiacos vs West HamA
26/10/2317:45Backa Topola vs FreiburgA
26/10/2317:45Marseille vs AEK AthensB
26/10/2317:45Sparta Prague vs RangersC
26/10/2317:45Aris Limassol vs Real BetisC
26/10/2317:45Sturm Graz vs AtalantaD
26/10/2317:45Rakow vs Sporting CPD
26/10/2317:45Molde vs HackenH
26/10/2320:00Brighton vs AjaxB
26/10/2320:00Union Saint-Gilloise vs LASKE
26/10/2320:00Liverpool vs ToulouseE
26/10/2320:00Villarreal vs Maccabi HaifaF
26/10/2320:00Panathinaikos vs RennesF
26/10/2320:00Roma vs Slavia PragueG
26/10/2320:00Sheriff Tiraspol vs ServetteG
26/10/2320:00Bayer Leverkusen vs QarabagH

Matchday four

09/11/2317:45Ajax vs BrightonB
09/11/2317:45LASK vs Union Saint-GilloiseE
09/11/2317:45Toulouse vs LiverpoolE
09/11/2317:45Rennes vs PanathinaikosF
09/11/2317:45Maccabi Haifa vs VillarrealF
09/11/2317:45Servette vs Sheriff TiraspolG
09/11/2317:45Slavia Prague vs RomaG
09/11/2317:45Qarabag vs Bayer LeverkusenH
09/11/2320:00Freiburg vs Backa TopolaA
09/11/2320:00West Ham vs OlympiacosA
09/11/2320:00AEK Athens vs MarseilleB
09/11/2320:00Real Betis vs Aris LimassolC
09/11/2320:00Rangers vs Sparta PragueC
09/11/2320:00Atalanta vs Sturm GrazD
09/11/2320:00Sporting CP vs RakowD
09/11/2320:00Hacken vs MoldenH

Matchday five

30/11/2317:45Freiburg vs OlympiacosA
30/11/2317:45Backa Topola vs West HamA
30/11/2317:45AEK Athens vs BrightonB
30/11/2317:45Sparta Prague vs Real BetisC
30/11/2317:45Atalanta vs Sporting CPD
30/11/2317:45Sturm Graz vs RakowD
30/11/2317:45Maccabi Haifa vs RennesF
30/11/2320:00Marseille vs AjaxB
30/11/2320:00Rangers vs Aris LimassolC
30/11/2320:00Liverpool vs LASKE
30/11/2320:00Toulouse vs Union Saint-GilloiseE
30/11/2320:00Villarreal vs PanathinaikosF
30/11/2320:00Servette vs RomaG
30/11/2320:00Sheriff Tiraspol vs Slavia PragueG
30/11/2320:00Molde vs QarabagH
30/11/2320:00Hacken vs Bayer LeverkusenH

Matchday six

14/12/2317:45Union Saint-Gilloise vs LiverpoolE
14/12/2317:45LASK vs ToulouseE
14/12/2317:45Rennes vs VillarrealF
14/12/2317:45Panathinaikos vs Maccabi HaifaF
14/12/2317:45Roma vs Sheriff TiraspolG
14/12/2317:45Slavia Prague vs ServetteG
14/12/2317:45Bayer Leverkusen vs MoldeH
14/12/2317:45Qarabag vs HackenH
14/12/2320:00West Ham vs FreiburgA
14/12/2320:00Olympiacos vs Backa TopolaA
14/12/2320:00Ajax vs AEK AthensB
14/12/2320:00Brighton vs MarseilleB
14/12/2320:00Real Betis vs RangersC
14/12/2320:00Aris Limassol vs Sparta PragueC
14/12/2320:00Sporting CP vs Sturm GrazD
14/12/2320:00Rakow vs AtalantaD

How to Watch UEFA Europa League on your Devices?

You have multiple options to watch the UEFA Europa League 23/2024 on your devices. Download dedicated apps on your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices, or stream directly through browsers. Connect to Smart TVs or use streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick.

Frequently asked questions

Does Paramount Plus show Europa League Games?

Paramount Plus has the official broadcasting right to live stream all the matches of the UEFA Europa League. You just have to subscribe to its services, which will allow all the UEFA Europa streaming.

Can I watch all the soccer games on Paramount Plus?

Yes, Paramount Plus is one of the present streams that provides English-language coverage of the entire UEFA Champions League.

Is Paramount Plus worth it for soccer?

Yes, Paramount Plus is not only for soccer but also for all kinds of soccer leagues that happen around the year. 

How do I watch live sports on Paramount  Plus?

All you need to do is visit or download the application and select “live TV” from the menu, et Voila!


UEFA Europa is one of the greatest of all-time soccer leagues, which is anticipated throughout the year. So, in accordance with keeping the fans in mind, for those residing outside the US, this guide can be helpful for them; with the help of PureVPN, subscription portals like Paramount Plus can be unlocked easily, without any hassle.


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