How to Watch UEFA Europa on RTBF
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The UEFA Europa League finals are here. Atalanta faces Bayer Leverkusen after defeating Marseille and Roma. Atalanta won 3-0 in the second leg, while Leverkusen drew 2-2.

Europe’s top football clubs from the group stage are ready to fight for the title. Don’t miss any of the action – check out our guide on how to watch the UEFA Europa League live stream on RTBF.

UEFA Europa on RTBF

Watching live-streamed matches of UEFA Europa while using the RTBF portal that too outside Belgium is now done if you have a PureVPN subscription. By connecting to PureVPN’s Belgium server, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions without any hassle. 

Need to know how to do that? Follow our instructions.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on any of your devices.
  3. Connect to the Belgian server
  4. Open RTBF and stream UEFA Europa on RTBF.

Details of UEFA Europa League 2024 final

  • Location: Aviva Stadium
  • Country: Ireland
  • Teams: Atalanta vs Bayer Leverkusen is scheduled for an 8pm BST kick-off tonight, Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

The aura and craze of FIFA can be clearly seen in the UEFA Europa during its matches. So, if you are already missing Qatar FIFA, then this UEFA tournament can be the savior. Read along with this guide, as it will provide you with options for streaming UEFA Europa from anywhere around the world. 

What is RTBF?

RTBF stands for “Radio Télévision Belge Francophone,” which is a Belgian public broadcasting association that manages several television and radio channels in the French-speaking community of Belgium. 

The RTBF delivers a range of programming, including news, sports, current affairs, cultural programs, movies, and entertainment.RTBF broadcasts many UEFA competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA European Championships (Euros). However, RTBF services are restricted only to Belgium, so when you try to open from outside the region, it will geo-block your access. 

How to Watch UEFA Europa League on your Devices?

You have multiple options to watch the UEFA Europa League 23/2024 on your devices. Download dedicated apps on your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices, or stream directly through the browser

Frequently Asked Question

Can the Europa League team play Champions League?

The Europa League winners have been guaranteed a place in the Champions League group stage.


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