Showtime's underrated christmas movies for a cozy holiday

The 5 best underrated Christmas movies on Showtime

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PUREVPNThe 5 best underrated Christmas movies on Showtime

As the twinkle lights adorn every corner and the aroma of cinnamon and hot cocoa fills the air, it’s that time of year again – the season of merry traditions and timeless holiday classics. We all have our go-to favorites, those films we can recite line by line and eagerly anticipate year after year. Yet, there comes a moment in every festive film enthusiast’s life when the charm of Kevin McCallister’s antics or Buddy the Elf’s infectious joy feels, well, almost routine. 

Are you feeling tired of the same old cliche Christmas tales? 

It’s time to venture beyond the tried-and-true into a realm of hidden gems and festive surprises that promise to redefine your holiday movie traditions with Showtime – where classic coziness takes a step back, and hidden underrated Christmas movies take the spotlight.

Best underrated christmas movies on Showtime

Dive into a hidden world of festive treasures with the best underrated Christmas movies on Showtime. Unwrap a collection of heartwarming tales and discover the magic that often goes unnoticed in these cinematic gems, making your holiday season merrier and brighter.

  1. The Last Holiday – 2006

In the heartwarming tale of “Last Holiday,” meet Georgia Byrd, brilliantly portrayed by Queen Latifah. She’s not your typical heroine – she’s a single, introverted saleswoman who unexpectedly learns she has a life-threatening illness, giving her only a few precious weeks to savor life’s richness. Georgia, has played it safe her whole life and decides to throw caution to the wind. She empties her savings, bids farewell to her job, and jets off to a luxurious European hotel to live out her wildest dreams from a carefully crafted dream book.

Last Holiday is an underrated Christmas movie gem, offering a unique twist to the holiday season. It’s a heartening reminder to embrace life’s moments fully. And if you cannot catch this cinematic treat, fear not! Check out our guide on how to watch Showtime outside the US [December 2023] to ensure you take advantage of every moment of the festive magic.

  1. Saving Christmas – 2017

In the heartwarming town of Everpine, young Danny sets out to save Christmas after losing his father. With his sister Jennifer and friends Matt and Jake, they launch a festive investigation armed with DIY gadgets to prove Santa’s existence. 

Meanwhile, his mom, Elizabeth, bonds with Sammy, the marketing director of the Everpine Toy Company, who reveals a charming secret – Rick, the company head, is Santa Claus. As Elizabeth aids in Santa’s merry makeover, a whimsical plan unfolds, culminating in a surprise appearance at the Gingerbread Brawl, a unique Christmas wrestling event. Join the adventure in Saving Christmas, where mystery, makeovers, and holiday cheer intertwine in Everpine’s heartwarming tale.

  1. Mistletoe Ranch – 2022

After eight years away, Aimée returns to Mistletoe Ranch, her childhood home, discovering it wrapped in silence and financial troubles. The cancellation of the annual Christmas Party prompts her to return, where she reunites with James, her former fiancé, and meets his daughter, Juniper. 

As Aimée uncovers the ranch’s debts, she faces a tough decision about its future, amidst the challenges, old feelings resurface, leaving Aimée to navigate a poignant journey of rediscovery and decide how her life will take in “Mistletoe Ranch.

For those eager to join Aimée’s heartfelt tale, Mistletoe Ranch is not only a story; it’s an experience you can watch on Showtime, available on Apple TV. Reconnect with Aimée’s journey and for a seamless streaming experience, you can check out how to watch Showtime on Apple TV with PureVPN

You can enjoy this heartwarming holiday story from the comfort of your own home, immersing yourself in the beauty of Aimée’s journey on both Showtime and Apple TV.

  1. Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas?

Have You Heard of Christmas? It is not just a holiday musical comedy; it’s a festive masterpiece written by and starring the talented Matt Rogers. Premiered on Showtime on Dec. 2, 2022, this TV special offers a delightful blend of original songs, stand-up comedy, and sketches, creating a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. Filmed at the iconic Joe’s Pub in New York City, the live audience adds an extra layer of joy to the special, with Henry Koperski accompanying Rogers on the piano.

Join Rogers on his journey to become the “Pop Prince of Christmas,” intertwined with comedic sketches, including attempts to book Mariah Carey. The special’s nine original musical numbers cover love, infidelity, God, and the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t miss this festive blend of music and comedy that captures the holiday spirit.

  1. Tangerine – 2015

Tangerine, a 2015 American comedy-drama directed by Sean Baker, unfolds on Christmas Eve in Hollywood. Shot on three iPhone 5S smartphones, the film follows transgender sex worker Sin-Dee Rella discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity. Joined by her friend Alexandra, the night takes unexpected turns involving an Armenian cab driver, Razmik. 

The film weaves a compelling narrative of love, betrayal, and acceptance against the vibrant backdrop of Christmas in Hollywood. Tangerine received critical acclaim for its authentic portrayal of transgender individuals and innovative use of technology in filmmaking. It’s a raw and vibrant tale capturing the essence of the holiday spirit amid Hollywood’s bustling streets and colorful characters.

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