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Working from Home, the new normal – Karen Mangia | Ep 2 Pure Secure Podcast

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Pure Secure PodcastWorking from Home, the new normal – Karen Mangia | Ep 2 Pure Secure Podcast

Hi, welcome to this episode of the Pure Secure podcast.

Where we want to help employees and professionals that work from home or on the road, by talking about everything and with everyone that is involved with security and privacy, online and offline.

Today I have a conversation with Karen Mangia expert in working from home.

Karen Mangia is Vice President, Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce. Her work focuses on strategies for personal and professional success, and she regularly works with executives, managers, and future leaders at companies of all sizes globally.

She released two new books in 2020: Listen Up! How to Tune In To Customers, And Turn Down the Noise and Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work For You.

She has been featured in Forbes and regularly writes for Thrive Global and ZDNet. Her keynotes help organizations to access the future of work via innovative insights around the voice of the customer.

It was great to learn from Karen. She has worked from home for over 10 years and we talked about the things that she learned in the Work from Home task force at Salesforce. From her book, I got a number of tips on working smarter and safer from home that we talked more about in this episode.

Let’s get started with this conversation with Karen.


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