How To Get Cheap PPV of UFC

Updated: Sept 9th, 2020

UFC is not free. This is something that you need to accept before you go on to watch a UFC fixture live online. But there is a way that would help you watch a UFC cheap PPV from anywhere. The following guide will explain this in more detail!

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UFC Cheap PPV with a VPN

VPN allows you to stream UFC matches without spending much out of your pockets. A lot of websites practice online price discrimination, which means that people in different regions are offered different prices for the same product. This is especially true for flight booking and hotel booking websites. This is also true in the case of UFC.

It doesn’t seem fair, but it is true that UFC.TV charges different prices in different countries. You only need to use PureVPN to visit UFC.TV and you will see for yourself how different the prices are in different countries.

It is not uncommon for UFC to offer half the prices in other countries. For instance, the price for UFC subscription might be $64.99 in the US. The price for the exact same package might be $27.57 in Japan.

Although it sounds unfair, you can take advantage of the difference in these prices and grab the cheapest UFC plan with PureVPN. The process of doing that is easy. You only need to use PureVPN to connect with the region with the lowest price and then register. That’s it. And this simple process can save you more than 50% of the overall cost!

Why you need a VPN to access UFC Live from anywhere?

UFC often signs licensing deals with multiple broadcasters. These deals usually come with the condition that these streams will only be accessible in certain regions. So if you live anywhere outside this region, the chances are that you will be unable to access it from your location.

Even if a stream is accessible, you might be forced to pay a lot more for the pass than an individual who lives in another country. Online price discrimination is pretty common, and it is done by various companies. UFC is one of them.

The solution to all of these problems is pretty straightforward. Start using a VPN! But

With PureVPN, you can watch UFC matches live online from anywhere. And that too, in a safe environment using methods that are entirely legal.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know how to grab the UFC fight pass at the cheapest rates, we expect you to go grab your plan today. But before you go ahead, make sure to get a PureVPN subscription first, and you will enjoy all the convenience that comes with it.