How to Watch Tennis Live Online

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

With the VPN, you can easily watch your favorite Tennis tournaments live and online from anywhere on the planet.

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How to Watch Tennis Live Online With VPN?

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Why Do You Need VPN to Watch Tennis Live ?

Due to a Tennis Court featuring very limited seating, most fans prefer to watch their favorite tournaments from the comfort of their homes. However, since most top-tier tournaments are broadcasted on a few selected sports channels, which often come with regional limitations, a significant chunk of the community is left wondering where they can stream and enjoy Tennis.

Well, this is where VPN comes in. VPN offers its users the ability to access whichever channel they wish to watch, including those that are behind country firewall.

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Most-Watched TENNIS Tournaments

Tennis is considered one of the most prestigious sports in the world and, as a result, it enjoys great popularity across many regions. Now, there are different types of Tennis tournament that take place in the world, but only a handful of these attracts the crowds which are as follows:

Australian Open

The first of the Grand Slam tennis events is the Australian Open, which takes place annually in January in Melbourne, Australia. The entire tournament used to be played on grass, but since 1988, it is now played on two different types of hardcourt surfaces, a green-colored Rebound Ace and a blue Plexicushion.

French Open

Next is the French Open, which is the second tournament in the Grand Slam tennis events. The French Open is a two-week-long tournament that takes place annually at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France, sometime in late May. It is played on a Clay surface, making one of the most exciting tournaments of the lot.

Wimbledon Open

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious events in tennis history. It is also one of the four Grand Slam Tennis tournaments of the world. Since 1877, its founding year, the tournament has been played on grass surface. It is the Grand Slam tournament, which is still played on a surface that is considered a classic tennis court.

US Open

The US Open is the final of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. It is the modern version of the U.S. National Championships. It is played on a hard-court surface, similar to that of the Australian Open. As traditions go, the US Open starts on the last Monday of August and continues for two whole weeks. This combined with the fact that the tournament features some of the best names in Tennis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Asked Questions About Tennis

Novak Djokovic. After a pretty exciting final against Rafael Nadal, Djokovic won the 2019 Australian Open with a final score of 6/6/6 to 3/2/3.

There are around nine different types of courts in Tennis, each of which comes with its own pace categories. These types include acrylic, artificial clay, artificial grass, asphalt, carpet, clay, concrete and grass among others like wood and tiles.

Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep are the current winners of Wimbledon Open 2019 Men/Women. Djokovic defeated the defending champion, Roger Federer in the final, while Simona Halep defeated Serena Williams.

Fox Sports and YouTube TV are the two best options for watching tennis, live and free. However, since both of these come with regional limitations, the services might not be available where you live. However, you can always turn to PureVPN to access the channels from anywhere.