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Virtual Private Network:  New Emerging Technology for Better Resource Utilization

business-vpnVirtual private network is a fantastic tool for connecting remote offices or individual users using public telecommunication infrastructure like internet to the main office or central network. In spite of using internet, the access to the network of the company or organization is secure as VPN follows recommended security procedures and Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). The protocols ensure that only encrypted data is allowed to be entered into the tunnel rejecting all other data which is not encrypted. Advent of internet changed the way we used to work and communicate. Instead of using lease lines, businesses opted for VPN technology which is cheaper, faster and effective for connecting remote site or employee to the main office at fraction of a cost compared to the expenses companies incurred on installing lease lines. And, security is properly taken care as all data, originating and receiving network addresses are encrypted. Using the technology, the company can use intranet resources of the company to enable employees working at different locations or from home to work together. So, it is safer and faster way to share information and work efficiently for businesses whose offices are located across multiple geographical locations.  It is ideal for users such as sales people on the move who need to connect and report to the main office about the latest updates. Before VPN technologies came on the scene, companies used to connect their computer networks located at different locations through a lease line. The lease lines allowed to the companies to create wide network but was very expensive. Such a network is called Wide Area Network (WAN).

How VPN functions?

Suppose a business has many people working in the field who would need to get access to the computer network of the company for business purposes. For such cases, remote access VPN is the best solution. Users can access the information on the network as effortlessly as they get from the servers of the company.

Network access server and Client Software Required for Running VPN

server-and-clientTwo tools are required for operating remote access network: Network access server and client software. User is required to sign into NAS to get access to VPN of the business. NAS would authenticate your credentials. You would be given access if your credentials are verified by NAS as genuine. The other tool called client software needs to be installed on the computer from which the user or employee wants to get access to the VPN. Most of the operating systems have got integrated client software that can connect to remote-access VPNs. The client software enables you to establish a tunneled access to NAS. Majority of the businesses having required IT competence prefer to maintain their own remote-access VPNs.  There is option of outsourcing their remote-access VPN services to an enterprise service provider (ESP). For connecting LAN to LAN or site-to-site VPN for businesses operating from multiple locations, VPN technology makes it possible for the employees from one location to use the resources of other location through secure public network such as internet. It comes in two types: intranet-based and extranet-based. When a company connects a couple locations in a single private network using intranet VPN, it is a called Intranet-based. When this job of connecting numerous locations is done by a partner company or is outsourced, it is called extranet-based.

Advantages of using Business VPN

advantages of vpnThere are numerous benefits of using Business VPN. First of all, it allows businesses to get safe and reliable private connection between computer networks through public infrastructure like internet. Businesses can reap numerous benefits out of well-designed VPN. It is a great tool for exchanging data with highest level of protection. It is awesome utility when multiple geographic locations are connected over internet without using a leased line. Also, remotely located offices and employees will be able to access the intranet resources of the company through the existing internet connection. All of these advantages would definitely help to increase the productivity of the employees working from remote locations. If you’re an individual you might be wondering what VPN can do for you? Don’t worry. You will not have to wait much longer to get to know what benefits VPN holds for an individual like you. Keep visiting this place as we’ll be putting up the details about Personal VPN real soon. Till then let us know what you think of this post by using the comment section below :) http://www.purevpn.com/blog/personal-vpn-service/ Nov 18, 2011 Update: Here you go. Click here to read about Personal VPN service and get to know how it secures your data and privacy ..

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