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  • Watch Lindenstraße, Neo Magazin Royale, Danni Lowinski and More
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Germany VPN

Get German IP Address

PureVPN was built to be the Ferrari of the VPN industry, giving you speeds that no other VPN provider can match. With over 6,500 VPN servers strategically placed in 141+ countries around the world, you can browse and stream your favorite content at lightning-fast speeds.
Our VPN guarantees 99.99% uptime, enabling you to use PureVPN round the clock. Our well-trained staff regularly maintains our servers to provide you with a seamless internet experience. To top it off, PureVPN has 42 VPN servers in Germany, with 18 of those placed in Berlin, 18 in Munich and the rest in Hessen, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

We Promise You

Avoid Metadata Retention

Our state of the art encryption protocols deploy a protective umbrella which hides your online activities from your ISP and third-party agencies. All the data you transmit online will pass through a secure impenetrable tunnel, making it impossible for uninvited guests to monitor your browsing habits.

Mask Your IP Address

Nowadays, with cybercrime on the rise, it’s essential to browse the web like a ninja – without being detected. And that’s exactly what PureVPN helps you do. Once you connect to our Germany VPN, your IP is automatically hidden, blinding any would-be intruders and keeping your device safe.

Safety from State Trojan Law

Since German law enforcement agencies have been granted authority to use malware to spy on mobile phones, chat groups and internet accounts, it’s time that you protect your online freedom. Simply connect to one of our servers including Germany servers and stop authorities from invading your privacy.

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Germany

VPN for Germany

Is VPN Legal in Germany?

Yes. Currently, there’s no specific legislation banning VPN usage in the country. So, you won’t face any legal repercussions for using a VPN unless you’re engaging in illegal activities, of course.

How Do I Get a German VPN?

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to our order page.
  • Pick a PureVPN subscription.
  • Checkout using your preferred payment method.
  • Download the VPN software or app for your device.
  • You’re good to go!

What is the Best VPN for Germany?

For the best Germany VPN, you need not look any further. Here’s what makes PureVPN the best VPN for Germany:

  • Huge list of secure servers.
  • Intuitive apps for all major devices.
  • No caps on bandwidth usage.
  • Unlock any streaming service.
  • Blazing-fast browsing, streaming, & downloading.
  • Ten multi-logins.
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Our European Servers

Apart from the European Servers listed here, we also own over 6,500 VPN servers in more than 78+ countries and 96+ locations. Find the server location you wish to join and get a local IP address from anywhere.