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Reclaim your right to online privacy with Spanish VPN service. Get access to 2,000+ Servers & 300,000+ IPs and enjoy complete online freedom

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The best VPN for Spain works on multiple devices simultaneously!

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Our Spanish VPN works on several different consoles, including Smart TV, Kodi, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, PCs, routers, and other smart devices.

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Ensure Maximum Security with The Best Spanish VPN

Enjoy Online Safety

Identity thefts are on a rise as hackers look to benefit from our data and financial information. Hackers continue to steal your private information for their own heinous purposes. You can avoid these cybercriminals with ease by connecting with the best Spain VPN. It ensures that your online communications remain encrypted.

Avoid Metadata laws

Metadata laws have been on a rise throughout the world. Governments continue to practice surveillance over their population. ISPs are often involved in the monitoring of online activities. These are then shared with law enforcement agencies. While your data continues to be sold to marketing agencies, you can avoid this and more by using our Spanish VPN service.

Browse Anywhere with Spain VPN

PureVPN lets you browse anything on the web. This is regardless of your physical location or any censorships present in your country. No matter how many online blockages remain present on the web, you can trust the best VPN for Spain. Unlock your favorite websites while remaining anonymous and secure.

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Get Spanish IP Address

With our Spain VPN, you can enjoy the fastest VPN speeds. You only need to connect to a server which is nearest to your location. Your favorite streams can be accessed from anywhere. You can enjoy the best entertainment without suffering from frustrations that come with online buffering.
If you’re an expat living outside Spain, you can get a Spanish IP address by connecting to VPN server in Spain. Get access to all local websites while you’re away. Our Spanish VPN ensures that you get access to any content online. You can access your favorite websites with ease and browse the internet the way you want to with 99.99% uptime.

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We Promise You!

The Fastest Speeds

PureVPN has placed its servers in all the right locations, and equipped them with extraordinary features so you can enjoy fastest online streaming.

Anonymous Browsing

Spoof your actual IP address and encrypt your data with 256-bit encryption to experience highest-level of anonymity.

A No-Log Policy

PureVPN assures you that your online activities are kept hidden from everyone. The service keeps zero-logs of your browsing activities.

Get unbreakable security when browsing with the best VPN for Spain

VPN For Spain

Avoid Online Surveillance

Save your metadata from being monitored. Use the best VPN for Spain for complete anonymity.

Enjoy Complete Anonymity

Our VPN ensures that your online activities remain hidden from your ISP, and other agencies.

Get Total Internet Freedom

Enjoy access to any content on the web regardless of your physical location with our VPN.

Remain Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Our Spanish VPN ensures your safety on the web even when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Secure Your Online Activities

Get access to the best encrypted protocols so you can ensure your safety against cybercriminals.

Get DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks pose immense threats, but they can be avoided with ease with the best DDoS protection.

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Our Advanced Security Features

Our Spain VPN service enhances your online privacy and security through the following features

Unbreakable Encryption

Ensure your safety and privacy on the web by using PureVPN’s unbreakable encrypted tunneling protocols. The best VPN service keeps you secure online.

Encrypted Protocols

Keep your online communication private and safe with encrypted tunneling protocols. With Spanish VPN, you get OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for safe surfing.

Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fis can be extremely dangerous for your privacy. You can ensure your security online while you’re connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot with our VPN service.

Internet Kill Switch

A minor disconnection can cause big trouble for your online privacy. Internet Kill Switch kills your web connection immediately whenever your VPN connection accidentally disconnects.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is an important feature that lets you divert your traffic between two tunnels, one being your VPN server’s and the other being your ISP’s.

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch between servers as many times as you want to regardless of the package plan you’ve selected. Our VPN offers complete convenience to users.

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