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It’s finally here. Day one of the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter-finals has officially kicked off. It has, perhaps, been one of the most interesting tournament in recent times, with a number of big teams already out of contention.

PureVPN sat down with the renowned British sports journalist, Crippy Cooke – author of scores of articles that have appeared on publications like It’s Round & It’s White, B/R Football, HuffPost UK, Telegraph Football, and Indy Sport – to get his expert analysis on how the FIFA World Cup 2018 will pan out from here onwards.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what he had to say:

Q.1: Which team can win the FIFA World Cup trophy?

“Brazil. Their squad is immense and we still haven’t seen the best of them.”

Q.2: Which team was your favorite at the start of this world cup?

“I backed Brazil from the start. Always believe in Neymar.”

Q.3: Which team are you supporting in the quarterfinals?

“England. Will be watching them against Sweden.”

Q.4: Out of the 4 matches, which match do you think will be most entertaining?

“Uruguay v France should be an entertaining game. Two good sides with fantastic attacking players.”

Q.5: Who do you think will be the golden boot winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018?

“At this rate, Harry Kane could be winning it.”

Q.6: Who do you think will win the golden ball award this year?

“Again, Kane looks the favourite. Neymar stands a chance too.”

Final Word

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has the entire world in its grips, so we asked Crippy Cooke how the experience has been for him so far.

He replied, “A good World Cup or a bad World Cup can often depend on how your country fares, but the amount of late goals, refereeing controversy and upsets we’ve seen so far has made this an incredible tournament in my opinion.”


Sheheryar Khan


November 24, 2022


2 years ago

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