Bridging the gap: How PureVPN is simplifying cybersecurity for all

Bridging the gap: How PureVPN is simplifying cybersecurity for all

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNBridging the gap: How PureVPN is simplifying cybersecurity for all

The VPN industry is booming, with a staggering annual growth rate of nearly 20%. This uptick is fueled by the growing awareness of online threats, prompting more users to seek cybersecurity solutions. However, many individuals, who may be fully or partially aware of these problems, remain unaware of the available protective measures, highlighting a crucial gap between user needs and available solutions.

This gap between the users’ needs and the solutions is where brand-building for PureVPN comes into action.

As the Assistant Manager (Brand) at PureVPN, the top-ranked VPN on Trustpilot, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges associated with communicating VPN benefits to audiences with limited technical understanding. While VPNs offer multifaceted solutions beyond basic security, such as streaming, gaming, and watching sports, many users are unaware of their full potential. 

Hence, we at PureVPN are focusing on bridging this knowledge gap by empowering users with comprehensive information created in a creative yet consumable manner. 

Responding to growing threats

Statistics show that awareness of various threats has increased significantly:

  • Threats of bank details getting stolen
  • Threats of logs being maintained by tech giants
  • Threats of IP vulnerability on public networks
  • Threats of IP throttling, and many more

The heightened awareness of these threats contributes to the projected growth of the VPN industry. Therefore, we aim to promote PureVPN as a product that caters to the majority of cybersecurity needs. This means solving problems that are beyond the normal functionalities of a VPN. For instance, we offer solutions like “Remove my Data” and “Tracker Blocker,” with many more features in the pipeline. The goal is to provide a holistic solution to the users for their online security needs.

Our innovative initiatives 

Here are some of the most notable initiatives we have introduced in the recent months:

Introducing Pur

To inject excitement into technical information and enhance brand recall, we introduced Pur, the PureVPN mascot. Pur adds a playful touch to our communications, fostering engagement with users and enabling fun interactions with other brands.

For example, we were able to add a personalized touch to PureVPN’s Christmas communication by incorporating Pur. While most brands go for conventional Christmas messaging, we differentiated ourselves by having Pur give out surprises to our audience.

Pur also helped us develop these amazing emailers, with dramatic language filled with his joyful personality. 

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Our unconventional campaigns

We believe in embracing innovation to break away from traditional approaches to discussing VPNs. Recently, we launched a campaign highlighting the features of PureVPN, features that we, as a brand, take pride in. The campaign’s unique hook uses space and the universe as metaphors to illustrate the benefits users gain from using our features.

Launching the ideology of Beyond VPN 

PureVPN is committed to helping society by educating individuals on the internet. With a strong urge to promote online safety, we offer multiple solutions to our users, including a Family Plan, PureVPN for SMEs, PureReferrals, and the integration of various cybersecurity solutions within one single application. 

We believe it is important to normalize VPN and its uses as it is not meant just for tech enthusiasts but for everyone who uses the internet. A VPN is more like a lifestyle choice to protect one’s presence on the web rather than just a “good to have” commodity. 

Adding AI to the scene

Technology is evolving at the speed of light, and so are its consumers. In our pursuit of delivering swift communication and content to our audience in real time, we have effectively integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into many domains of our structure.

Credibility is at the core of our operations

We operate an always-on audit VPN solution, with regular third-party checks ensuring the security of our technology. Any vulnerabilities identified prompt immediate action, and we happily flaunt this because we want to retain the trust of our users. 

In conclusion, our goal is to simplify VPN usage for all internet users, regardless of their technical expertise. We firmly believe that cybersecurity is a fundamental right for every individual online, and we strive to ensure that their information remains secure from online threats. This is especially critical in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where internet complexities can exceed our comprehension.

This brings us to the end of our blog on how PureVPN is bridging the gap by simplifying cybersecurity for all. If you want to learn more about our services and latest offers, please stay connected to PureVPN Blog.

You can also get in touch with us via our social media channels or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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