bypass hotel WiFi throttling
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Staying in a hotel and annoyed with hotel Wi-Fi throttling? You are not alone. 

Wi-Fi while traveling is fantastic, but you feel frustrated if the bandwidth does not support your need. The internet has become an essential part of our lives, and we can not think of getting stuck due to data throttling while staying in a hotel.

In hotels, the speed gets too slow as many people use the same internet. Some of the hotels give you premium internet packages and cost you, but why pay extra for this basic need? There are some ways to get through data throttling issues.

bypass hotel WiFi throttling

What is Wi-Fi throttling?

Internet service providers set limits for internet users to control traffic. Wi-Fi throttling ISPs deliberately enforce data limits and bandwidth congestions. While hotel ISP providers know which activities are taking most of the speed, they tend to slow that down for a purpose. 

This happens in hotels because they usually focus on providing a service that is for your comfort and does not invest in hardware and internet connectivity. 

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Why Do ISPs Throttle the Internet? 

When there is excessive traffic on a network, ISPs throttle the internet to prevent the network from overloading and crashing. It can take place at some stage in peak timings when the internet usage is heavy.

Some ISPs have data caps, which restrict the data package that a consumer can use in a given month. ISPs prioritize paid services, allowing clients to pay for faster net speeds. 

Also, ISPs throttle the internet traffic of suspected copyright infringement customers. It may be done to hinder you from downloading pirated content material.

bypass hotel WiFi throttling

Can I Stop WiFi Throttling On My Own? 

If your ISP throttles your internet connection, there are methods you can try to stop it. 

Lucky for you, ISPs typically use net throttling in particular instances to regulate network overall performance. This can be avoided.

  1. You can use a VPN that provides high-speed services and avoids ISP throttling quickly.
  2. An encrypted proxy server can also reduce ISP throttling.
  3. Another way to stop throttling is to upgrade your Internet package.
  4. If nothing works, try switching to a better ISP for connection.

Tried and tested ways to bypass Wi-Fi throttling

The ISPs know which internet platforms you use and then enforce data limits. The best way is to mask your activity. Also, some old methods are helpful by bypassing Wi-Fi throttling, like using a proxy server, smart DNS, and tethering. Discussing them in detail will surely help:


A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool to hide your IP and make your activity invisible to others. By using a reliable VPN (PureVPN suggested), you may never get bottlenecked while browsing. 

PureVPN will help your data to flow undetected. Also, it would help if you were wary of your security while using the public internet in hotels. A VPN makes sure that you are under security protocols. 


Ensure that all your firewall and antivirus software are intact, and then you can activate GoogleDNS. This is easy:

  • Open ‘RUN’ from Windows
  • Type ‘GPEDIT.MSC’
  • A window named ‘Local group policy editor’ will open. Go to computer configuration>Administrative templates>Network>QoSPacketScheduler>Limit Reservable bandwidth.
  • In the last window, type ‘0’ and then OK.
  • Go to Control Panel, select Network, and internet
  • Go to Network and Sharing and select Change Adapter Setting
  • From Local Area Connection, go to Properties
  • Tick ‘Internet Protocol V4’
  • Enter ‘’ in the DNS server box to switch to Google DNS. You are now changed to Google DNS.

USB tethering

One of the best ways to boost your internet speed is tethering. USB tethering is connecting a phone to another device through a USB cable.

Proxy server

A proxy server can also help hide our identity and online activities. There are many proxy servers available on the internet that you can set up to boost your Wi-Fi in a hotel.

Using PureVPN with Google DNS

PureVPN can give you unidentifiable access and hence boost Wi-Fi speed on your device through Google DNS. Here’s how:

  1. Open cmd > type “ipconfig” > find ipv4 address 
  2. Now go to network and settings > Ethernet > properties > ipv4 > enter the ipv4 address and change the last part of the ipv4 address between 50 to 250. 
  3. Enter the subnet mask as you found in cmd
  4. In DNS, use Google DNS; preferred:, alternate: 

Now, connect to PureVPN, and it will connect you through different IP addresses every time you are about to reach the Wi-Fi limit.

How to Bypass Google Fi Throttling 

You can get through Google Fi Throttling by many methods, like using a VPN and Encrypted proxy server. You can also use a dedicated hotspot device that has its plans and is not affected by Google Fi Throttling.

How Can I Detect If Your Internet Connection Is Being Throttled? 

Your ISP is not going to openly admit to throttling your internet connection. It’s also viable that your slowed internet connection may be due to several other factors. To check in case your net connection is being throttled through your ISP, try the following strategies:

  1. Use an internet speed test.
  2. Run a speed check by using Ookla and measure your data rate.
  3. Don’t use the internet on any other device.
  4. Check your speed results with the data package you choose for connection.
  5. Your ISP throttles your connection if it is less than your package. 

Is ISP Throttling Legal? 

Whether or not ISP throttling is legal relies on many things, including the laws of the USA wherein the ISP is working and the particular service that the customer has agreed to.

ISPs are legally allowed to throttle their customers’ net speeds in a few international locations. 

For instance, within the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that ISPs can throttle traffic to specific websites and services, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing programs.

However, the FCC has additionally ruled that ISPs cannot throttle traffic to websites and services that are not taken into consideration to be “unreasonable” or “dangerous.”

What’s the Easiest Way to Speed Up Hotel WiFi? 

The simplest way to speed up hotel WiFi is to use a physical connection. Connect your device to the hotel’s router using an Ethernet cable. 

Ethernet cables provide a miles faster and more dependable connection than WiFi, mainly in crowded regions like hotels.

If you don’t have an Ethernet cable, there are a few different ways you could do to speed up hotel WiFi:

  1. Head to the Control Panel of your device.
  2. Choose Network and Internet
  3. Choose Network and Sharing Center
  4. Select Change adapter settings.
  5. Find your network connection and right-click on it.
  6. Select Properties
  7. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  8. Select Properties
  9. Select Use the following DNS server addresses
  10. Enter your choice of DNS servers and click ‘OK.
  11. Done! Test if your hotel Wi-Fi gets faster now.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Bypass WiFi Throttling? 

Free VPNs may be a tempting alternative to bypass WiFi throttling, but they have some drawbacks. Free VPNs have limited bandwidth, which can result in slower speeds. 

Many free VPNs have data caps, meaning you can only use a certain amount of data each month before your speed is throttled or your package is suspended.

They usually have fewer server places to select from than paid VPNs. Finding a server through which you want to access geo-restricted content can make it challenging.

Some free VPNs had been created to acquire and sell consumer records to advertisers. They add a bunch of ads while you use it to access websites. 

Moreover, a few free VPNs use previous security protocols that can increase your traffic at risk of intrusion.

Final Word

Wi-Fi throttling can be very annoying if you are doing something significant. This usually happens in your leisure time while you are streaming movies or shows. Travelling is all fun, and if a hotel pulls you back with its displeasing internet services, you are right to be irritated. 

The best way to get around Wi-Fi throttling issues is through a VPN. Using PureVPN will keep you secure and get you out of the data bottleneck.

bypass hotel WiFi throttling

Frequently asked questions

How do I bypass slow hotel Wi-Fi?

There are many ways to bypass slow hotel Wi-Fi. You can use a VPN to boost your Wi-Fi speed with secure access to all platforms.

How do I bypass hotel throttling?

Hotel throttling can be bypassed using USB tethering, Google DNS, Proxy servers, and, most notably, through a VPN like PureVPN.

How to bypass the hotel Wi-Fi device limit?

Encrypting your data through a VPN allows you to bypass the hotel Wi-Fi device limits quickly. A VPN will ensure that all your data passes through without anyone knowing; this would increase your bandwidth and Wi-Fi speed.

Is there a way to boost Wi-Fi at a hotel?

Yes, there are many ways. But the most effective one is using a PureVPN app to surpass all data restrictions.

Do hotels track what you do on Wi-Fi?

Hotels do not track you, but the internet service provider can. This way, they limit your internet speed in hotels by managing the data for specific sites.

Why is hotel Wi-Fi so slow?

Hotel Wi-Fi is slow because it is used by many people and monitored by ISPs. Due to a fair usage policy, internet service providers limit the data.


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