How can a VPN browser extension help you?

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PUREVPNHow can a VPN browser extension help you?

Ever wanted to use a tool that protects your privacy but just for your browser? Well, many VPN providers thought the same and introduced a VPN browser extension. However, these browser extensions differ from a full-fledged VPN application but are quite helpful if they suit your needs. Let’s dig deeper and help you understand how a  VPN browser extension can help you.

What is a VPN browser extension?

A lightweight, easy to use, browser-specific extension that connects you to a VPN server, encrypts your browser traffic and hides your IP address, all at the same time. 

But, there are many browser extensions that do not encrypt your traffic as they revolve around providing you fast speeds. Whereas there are some browser extensions that provide you both. Let’s help you understand further about them.

Use Cases of a VPN browser extension

A VPN browser extension is mostly known as a dangerous or inefficient thing to use in comparison to a VPN application. Therefore the main question is, are browser extensions safe to use? Well, many browser extensions are safe and work the same as unencrypted proxies on the internet. However, what most people don’t know is that a browser plug-in from a reliable VPN provider can actually help in many different ways. Not to mention, if you find the right one, you will never go back to not using one. 

Let’s show you the problems a VPN browser extension can help you solve. 

  1. Unblock websites: Are you looking to unblock websites restricted in your region? If the answer is yes, then a VPN browser extension will quickly change your IP address and provide you an IP of the country where the content is accessible. It’s that simple! 

  1. Anonymous browsing: If your use case is solely dependent on browsing anonymously then a VPN browser extension is safe, quick and easy to install and use. It also encrypts your data and hides your personal information from being identified on the internet.

  1. Fast access: If what you’re looking for is speed, then a VPN browser extension is known for providing fast speeds as it does not have much of a load as it only encrypts your browser traffic unlike a VPN, especially if it is based on the Proxy protocol. Therefore, you can easily access streaming shows and movies without any interruptions and enjoy blazing-fast speeds. 

Features of a VPN browser extension

There are many features that a VPN browser extension provides that differ from the features of a VPN application but work almost the same. Here are a few features you must have in your browser-plug in. 

  1. Encryption

There are free VPN providers that severely lack in providing any encryption whatsoever, however there are also premium VPN providers that offer browser extensions with inadequate encryption facilities. These plug-ins may help you unblock websites but do not ensure your online protection. 

Therefore, it is essential to look for browser extensions that offer features which support your online privacy and protect you against all external threats despite its lightweight version.

  1. Proxy Network

A Proxy protocol is a great protocol to have in any VPN browser extension. This provides security along with lightning-fast speeds which can help you smoothly stream movies, TV shows etc. without any interruptions. This is possible with the help of proxy servers that increase internet speeds and save on bandwidth by caching web pages and files that are accessed by multiple users, compressing traffic and even blocking ads from websites.

  1. WebRTC Leak Protection

Having such a feature will help you stop any unwanted IP address leaks through WebRTC while allowing authorized WebRTC connections to continue under your assigned IP address. This is a very important feature to have as IP address leaks are not as uncommon as you think. 

  1. Bypass Proxy

Bypass Proxy helps you run your local network simultaneously while also securing your browser tabs with a VPN connection. This works well if you are looking to stream in one tab with a VPN browser extension to get high speeds and conduct your regular work in another tab which doesn’t require a VPN connection. How cool, right?

5. Fake your GPS Location: There are instances where many applications are using your current location through GPS despite using a VPN. This puts you in a dangerous position where your current location is known to other people even when you are using an IP address assigned by a VPN.

However, you can save your location from being accessible to others with the help of features that fake your GPS location. Such features will help you protect your location from being revealed to unknown websites and keep you secure just by activating them.

What should you look for in a browser extension?

The main purpose of a VPN browser extension is to secure your traffic on a browser level. Other than that, you should make sure that the above mentioned features are available in your VPN browser extension to have a safe and secure experience. Also, look out for free browser extensions as they may look like they are free, but they can cost you a lot more.

You should also look out for VPN browser extensions that get you access to other applications too with its subscription. This will help you get access to more than just VPN facilities but multiple add-on features too that you can use to enhance your safety features.  

However, paid providers such as PureVPN have got you covered in all aspects. It protects you by providing advanced features to its users such as WebRTC Leak protection, Spoof GPS Location, Bypass Proxy, Popular Websites and many others. Such easy to use features can be found in PureVPN browser extension that will make your browsing experience a great one and ensure your online privacy.

Final thoughts

Most people don’t believe VPN browser extensions are safe enough to use, but many reliable VPN providers now offer such plug-ins which are not only safe to use but also are great, quick-to-connect and easy to use with great features to back them. PureVPN is one of those providers that also offers a 7-day free trial with its browser extension for you to try out its features. Also, purchasing a PureVPN browser extension will get you access to all its applications too. Let’s get you started!




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