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How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

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With more than 300 million monthly active users, Twitter has maintained its popularity.

Twitter is one of the most accessible social media sites, yet it still bans adult content by default to safeguard younger users. 

Continue reading to understand how to see sensitive information on Twitter if you want the unblocked experience.

Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

What Are Privacy Settings? 

You have the same privacy and interaction control over Twitter as other social networking sites. 

Go to your account settings to manage your privacy settings. You may choose who can view your profile, send you direct messages, and can see your tweets there.

You may also activate features like two-factor authentication for increased protection. To guarantee a secure and enjoyable Twitter experience, evaluate and modify these settings as needed.

What Does Twitter Sensitive Content Mean? 

When a user uploads a picture within a Tweet, they can provide details about its content. 

As a result, users may correctly indicate their media settings when they choose to Tweet about anything that has to be disclosed to viewers, such as sensitive or unpleasant information.

According to Twitter’s sensitive media policy, users may avoid seeing problematic information. Tweets considered inappropriate are automatically blocked for those under the age of 18.

The following categories for sensitive media content: 

  • Violent crimes or accidents
  • Physical fights
  • Physical child abuse
  • Bodily fluids, including blood
  • Adult nudity and sexual behavior
  • Violent sexual conduct
  • Bestiality and necrophilia
  • Dismembered or mutilated humans
  • Charred or burned human remains
  • Exposed internal organs or bones
  • Animal torture or killing

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter on iPhone & Android

The following steps can be used to modify Twitter’s privacy settings on iPhone and Android devices:

  1. Open your Twitter app on your phone and log in to your account. 
  2. Tap on your profile.
click profile

  1. Select setting and support.
settings and support

  1. Go to setting and privacy.
select settings

  1. Tap on privacy and safety.
privacy and safety

  1. Tap on the first option, Audience, media, and tagging.
activity list

  1. Tap to select the click box to protect your posts or tweets.
audience and tagging

audience and tagging

  1. Go to the photo tagging.
  2. Turn on the blue swipe button and select only people if you want; only people you follow can tag you.
  3. If you don’t want to allow tagging, turn it off to the left. 
photo tagging

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter to See Sensitive Content

To change the privacy setting on Twitter and the ability to see sensitive content, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Twitter on your device and open your account.
  2. Go to your profile page.
twitter wall
  1. Tap more (there are dots in a circle).
  1. Go to the setting and support.

  1. Select setting and privacy.

  1. Go to privacy and safety.

  1. Tap on (content you see)
privacy and safety

  1. Tap (Display media that may contain sensitive content), click on the box, and you will see a blue tick.
content you see

How to Unprotect Your Posts

Manage what information you allow other people on X to see. Follow these steps to unprotect your post:

  1. Click or tap on the More icon.
  2. Go to your Settings and Privacy.
  3. Go to Privacy and Safety.
  4. Go to Audience and tagging.
  5. Uncheck the option of protecting your posts from unprotecting your posts

How to Adjust Twitter Media Settings

All Twitter accounts include media options to assist Twitter in figuring out what kind of content you publish. Twitter can detect potentially sensitive information other users may not want to see by correctly labeling your media settings, such as violence or nudity. If you wish to upload such information frequently, Twitter may ask that you please update your media settings. 

Follows these step to adjust your media settings:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click the icon more.
  3. Select Settings and Privacy from the menu.
  4. Go to your Privacy and safety settings.
  5. Click the Your Posts section
  6. and check the box next to Mark the media you post as containing material that may be sensitive. 

How to Checkmark Twitter Posts That Have Sensitive Content

Everyone may add one-time sensitive content warnings to pictures and videos uploaded on Android, iOS, and the web.

Follow the steps to checkmark Twitter Posts you want to mark as sensitive or have sensitive content.

  1. Open your account and go to the homepage of Twitter.
  2. Tap the image library or camera icon. Select an image or video that you want to post.

  1. Tap on edit in the down-right corner.
Tap on edit

  1. Click on the flag icon under the save button.
click flag and select save

  1. Select a category that you want to put a content warning on.
Select a category

  1. It shows a sensitive content warning now; click the save button.
sensitive content

  1. Post the content.
post the content

Stay Safe While Using Social Media

Become knowledgeable with Twitter privacy settings to improve your online presence and protect personal data. 

You may tailor your online experience while protecting your followers, sensitive data, and tweets by following these steps. 

Control your Twitter experience by adjusting the settings to suit your preferences. 

In your safe online environment, remain alert, cautious, and confident when tweeting.


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