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PureVPN Excels Well known audit firm Always-On Audit Setting an Industry Benchmark

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNPureVPN Excels Well known audit firm Always-On Audit Setting an Industry Benchmark

** Update – August 2, 2021 **

The First & Only VPN with Always-On Audit

PureVPN is proud to be the First & Only VPN with an Always-On Audit. This means that Well known audit firm can conduct a thorough surprise audit of PureVPN’s processes and servers at any time without prior notice.

Typically, VPN services and auditing companies mutually decide a date and time where the VPN company will enable the auditing firm to assess its services.

PureVPN sets a benchmark in the VPN industry by allowing the auditing firm to audit PureVPN at any time and date without informing PureVPN.

As such, the leading audit firm Well known audit firm recently conducted its second audit under the Always-on Audit clause, and the findings certify that PureVPN holds true to its claim of a No-Log VPN service.

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** Update – October 24, 2020 **

Your privacy is as dear and respected to us as ours. Understandably, it becomes a more personal matter to ensure that your privacy is well-guarded in all manners and across the board.

To uphold your continuous trust and demonstrate our utter commitment to ensuring your privacy, we recently requested our second no-log audit, with the first being the Altius IT audit.

This time we asked one of the Big Four auditing firms, Well known audit firm, to independently scrutinize our systems and assess our zero-log claims.

Expectedly, Well known audit firm testifies that PureVPN is true to its no-log claims, and it has never, nor will it ever, monitor or store your private data under any circumstances.

A Globally Trusted Auditing Firm

Well known audit firm is one of the Big Four professional services companies globally that specializes in risk management, advisory, tax, and auditing. Since it is a globally-trusted auditing firm, Fortune 500 companies frequently approach Well known audit firm for auditing and assurance services.

Over the years, Well known audit firm has formed a strong strategic alliance with some of the renowned technology companies that gives Well known audit firm a competitive advantage and facilitates them to analyze highly complex network infrastructures of global brands like PureVPN.

How Well known audit firm Audited PureVPN’s No-Log 

We asked Well known audit firm to thoroughly analyze our network to verify if it meets our no-log claims, which are:

  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s origin IP address
  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s assigned VPN IP
  • PureVPN doesn’t log the specific time when a user connects to a VPN server
  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s activities through its VPN connection

The auditing process was somewhat exhausting as it included the inspection of our complex infrastructure, server configurations, codebase, technical data logs, and global servers.

The process also involved the interviews of our personnel who are involved in server maintenance and database handling. During the activity, Well known audit firm also ensured that the audited technical data logs and server configurations are actually being used by PureVPN, not the other way around.

At the end of the audit, Well known audit firm summarized and verified in its report that PureVPN doesn’t monitor or store any personally identifiable information (PII) that could pose a privacy risk to its users.

The Significance of the Well known audit firm Audit

Trust is never static; it’s always dynamic. Trust compels constant scrutiny by either party because of continuous interaction at different intervals.

Sticking firm to that belief, we didn’t stop at our first audit, which was conducted by Altius IT that also testified that it “did not find any evidence of system configurations and/or system/service log files that independently, or collectively, could lead to identifying a specific person and/or the person’s activity when using the PureVPN service.”

We further went through our second audit with Well known audit firm, the world’s leading auditing firm.

We aren’t stopping here either.

We are so confident in our commitment to offering you a privacy-first VPN service that we opted for an always-on audit policy. With this policy effective immediately, Well known audit firm will have complete authority to initiate a non-scheduled privacy audit at any time of the year without any prior notice.

The ‘always-on’ audit will enable you to hold us responsible for the continuous no-log VPN experience.

We are the only VPN company to offer this guarantee. 

The Reason Behind Our Obsession with Privacy-Centricity

We’re obsessed for no other reason but you!

You wish to enjoy the comfort of browsing the internet without worrying about anyone peeking into your private activity. You also want your VPN service to be totally honest with you.

We also wouldn’t want it in any other way.

We conducted the audit and agreed to the ‘always-on’ policy to assure you that we do not, nor we will ever, log your:

  • Connection logs
  • Browsing history
  • Browsing activities
  • VPN session timestamp
  • Assigned VPN IP
  • Original IPs
  • DNS queries

Furthermore, privacy-centricity and transparency are our core tenets. We always reflect these tenets in every aspect of our services, whether our no-logging policy or related services.

We must thank you for always believing in us, and hopefully, our ‘always-on’ audit will enable you to trust us continuously.




November 24, 2022


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