PureVPN Never Monitors, Stores, or Shares Your Private Information

  • No Logs of Browsing Activities
  • No Connection Logs
  • No Logs of Assigned VPN IPs
  • No Logs of Original IPs
  • No Logs of VPN Session Timestamps
  • No Logs of Browsing History
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Complete Anonymity!

What you do online is your business alone, period. When you connect to PureVPN on your devices, you can be sure there’s no information about your Internet activities that third-parties can use to identify you. Your privacy is our number one priority and it’s something that we take very seriously!

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Why Do You Need a VPN That Doesn’t Record Data?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are built to encrypt your data and anonymize it. Once your network traffic is hidden, your ISP cannot trace it back to you or share your browsing activities and history.

Since a VPN’s job is to ensure privacy and security, it should also practice what it preaches. In other words, VPN providers should never have access to users’ connection logs and usage records.

Only then it can earn your trust, and thus, assure you peace of mind.

Zero-Log Policy

An Independent Auditor Has Certified as Zero-Log Policy

For our VPN, your satisfaction and peace of mind come first, and the rest later. Therefore, we had our network infrastructure diagrams, VPN server provisioning configuration, network user processes, central orchestration server configuration, VPN server configuration and VPN server log files

Thoroughly audited by certified information systems auditor, Altius IT.

Today, we are incredibly proud to say that Altius IT endorses its claims of keeping No Logs.

Here is the Final Verdict:

“[We] did not find any evidence of any logs that could lead to identifying a specific person and/or the person’s activity when using the PureVPN service.” - Altius IT

Why You Can Trust

vpn no logs

We Don’t Keep Your Connection Logs

It doesn’t know, monitor, or store your original IP address, VPN IP address, VPN session timestamp, and connected VPN server.

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We Don’t Record Your VPN Activities

When you use our VPN, your activities are anonymous. After all, we don’t keep records of your browsing activities, visited websites, outgoing traffic, uploaded files, downloaded files, and DNS queries.

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We Are Outside The Reach of FiveEyes

We operate from outside the jurisdiction of the 5Eyes and 14Eyes alliance, which means that we have no legal obligation to pry on your activities or collect your data.

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We Accept Cryptocurrencies

We allow you to subscribe to our plans using cryptocurrency so that no one can trace the transaction back to you.

no logs vpn

We Offer a Privacy-Centric VPN

Our VPN service packs IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, and WebRTC leak protection that ensure round-the-clock privacy.

Frequently Ask Questions

What does No Log VPN mean?

In simple terms, a no-log virtual private network refers to a VPN provider that doesn’t maintain logs of its users’ activities. That means we store no data about what you do with our VPN.

Is a VPN really necessary?

It all comes down to what your needs are. If you regularly use public Wi-Fi connections, a VPN can keep your information safe from hackers. Do you want to watch content from other countries on your favorite streaming services?

A VPN lets you get around geo-restrictions by giving you an IP address from any region of your choosing. When you’re visiting or living in censored nations, you can’t gain access to certain websites and services.

Using a VPN, you’re able to bypass these restrictions and use the Internet freely and openly. If you can related to any of these scenarios, then yes, a VPN is a tool that you’d be silly not to use.

Does your ISP know if you use a VPN?

When you use a VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can’t tell what you’re doing online or where your traffic is originating from. After all, the connection is secured using highly robust encryption algorithms.

That means your ISP can’t see what websites you’re visiting, what files you’re downloading, or anything else you’re up to once connected. However, it’s possible they might be able to decipher that your IP address belongs to a VPN provider.

Can I be traced through a VPN?

A VPN makes it close to impossible for you to be traced online as your browsing activities are protected from third-parties. However, you can be tracked if the VPN service you’re using stores logs or leaks your IP address. For this reason, you should stick to no-log and leak-proof VPNs.

Does a VPN steal data?

This is often the case with most free VPN services, as collecting and selling your private data is their primary source of income. However, some paid VPNs keep logs despite claiming otherwise as well. You can avoid this by choosing independently audited no-log VPN providers, such as PureVPN.

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