How To Watch NBA Playoffs Live Online

The playoffs will begin on April 13 and will end with the NBA Finals.

NBA Playoffs is a best of seven competition where 16 teams from the Eastern and Western Conference compete with one another in a series of knockout rounds.

After the initial sixteen teams compete, eight teams qualify for the next round. Out of these, four qualify for the stage where the Eastern and Western Champions are decided.

Once the champions of these divisions are crowned, they compete with each other in the final stage, referred to as the NBA Finals.

Now, if you are one of those who haven’t got their hands on the International NBA League Pass, then you are in for a treat. We have listed official channels where you will be able to enjoy the games of your favorite teams online without blackouts.

NBA Playoffs Live Streaming Availability

ChannelsFirst RoundSemifinalsConference FinalsNBA Finals
ESPNStreaming AvailableStreaming AvailableStreaming AvailableStreaming Available
ESPN2Streaming AvailableStreaming Available
TNTStreaming AvailableStreaming AvailableStreaming Available
NBA TVStreaming Available
ABCStreaming AvailableStreaming AvailableStreaming AvailableStreaming Available


How to Watch NBA Playoffs  Live Online

You can watch the NBA Playoffs on above mentioned official channels very easily in just 3 steps.

1. Subscribe to PureVPN and download on your preferred device.

2. Connect to fastest US Server

3. Access your favorite channel and start streaming.

Do you feel the excitement of amazing NBA action in the air? Well, then put your team jerseys on and start cheering for your favorite team. But make sure that you have the best streaming experience that is free from ISP throttling or limitations, for which we would recommend you to grab a PureVPN subscription to kick all the issues and limitations out.

NBA Playoffs

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