BT Sport VPN – Watch BT Sport outside the UK in 2024

BT Sport is a UK streaming service that provides live coverage of sports like Formula One, football (including UEFA Champions League), rugby, cricket, and tennis. Unfortunately, BT Sport is only available to viewers in the UK. With a VPN like PureVPN, you can bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by BT Sport and watch your favorite sports restriction-free.

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BT Sport VPN

How to watch BT Sport outside the UK with a VPN

Just follow these steps to watch BT Sport in any country:



to PureVPN



to a server in the UK



your desired sports on BT Sport!

What sports can you watch on BT Sport?

Football on BT Sport

Football on BT Sport

Enjoy streaming all UEFA Europa League and Champions League games, as well as matches from Scottish Premier League, Premier League, and FA Cup.

UFC on BT Sport

UFC on BT Sport

Stream UFC fight nights live from across the world and stay up to date with all things UFC on BT Sport.

MotoGP on BT Sport

MotoGP on BT Sport

BT Sport gives you unlimited access to all practices, warm-ups, and races of MotoGP, MotoGP 2, and MotoGP 3.

Rugby on BT Sport

Rugby on BT Sport

Watch European Champions Cup, Premiership Rugby Sevens, and Gallagher Premiership matches, plus exclusive interviews and insights.

Why do you need a VPN to stream BT Sport?

BT Sport is one of the top streaming options when it comes to watching a variety of sports and events. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK owing to its licensing agreements – you can’t access the platform in any other country.

The good news is that you can quickly get around these hurdles and stream BT Sport by getting a UK IP address with a VPN.
BT Sport with VPN

Watch BT Sport on any device with PureVPN

BT Sport supports a wide range of devices, including Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox (One X, One S, and One consoles), Google Chromecast (Ultra), iOS, Fire TV, Roku (TVs and streaming players), Android TV, Apple TV, NOW TV, and more. PureVPN is compatible with all these devices and offers up to 10 multi-logins, so you can stream BT Sport on multiple devices with ease.

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BT Sport on any device

PureVPN extensions for your favorite browsers


Install PureVPN’s Chrome extension to access popular streaming services in just a few clicks.


Get PureVPN’s Firefox extension and switch between dozens of servers to access your desired content.


Download PureVPN’s Edge extension and get an IP address from any country to expand your viewing options.

Frequently asked questions

How to Watch BT Sport online?

To watch BT Sport online, all you have to do is subscribe to a VPN, download the application on your preferred streaming device, connect to a UK server or get the UK Dedicated IP and that’s about it. After that just log in to BT Sport, look out for the live stream and get watching.

What shows can I watch on BT Sport?

Apart from livestream, BT Sport offers a list of exclusive shows like Premier League Tonight and Saturday Morning Savage. To learn more about these shows, head on over to the official site for additional information.

How to watch BT Sport on Sky?

To watch BT Sport on Sky, you have to go to Sky TV and subscribe to one of its two packages which offer BT Sport. Once that is done, subscribe to a VPN, connect to its UK servers and there you go. You now now watch BT Sport on Sky.

How to get BT Sport on Mobile?

You can watch BT Sport on your mobile’s browser, or if you looking for an application, you can the official BT Sport app and watch your favorite content on it. For those living outside of the UK, can use a VPN on their mobiles to access BT Sport.

Can I watch BT Sport in NZ?

No. As mentioned, BT Sport is geo-restricted everywhere outside the UK. If you want to access BT Sport in New Zealand, you’ll first have to connect to a UK server via a VPN.

Is BT Sport available outside the UK?

No, BT Sport isn’t. Like other streaming services, it uses geo-blocking technology to prevent non-UK viewers from streaming any content.

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