PureVPN Gets Featured On The New York Times

PureVPN’s remarkable progress and the many benefits of using it, were recently acknowledged by The New York Times.

While it is always a huge feat to be talked about by media bigwigs; being featured on The New York Times is certainly a feather in PureVPN’s cap. The article published by The New York Times highlights the wide array of benefits – security from hacking, avoiding monitoring by government agencies, freedom to access geo-restricted content, and many more – provided by PureVPN to internet users all around the world.

The article talks about how Rod Drury, a New Zealand based entrepreneur, uses VPN technology to unblock US Netflix, buys stuff from iTunes, and enjoys unrestricted access to geo-restricted content.

Apart from how Mr. Drury uses VPN technology in a befitting manner, the article also talks about how PureVPN is revolutionizing day-to-day internet usage of individual internet users by providing them internet security, accessibility, and anonymity.

To read the complete story as it appeared on The New York Times, please click here.

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