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PureVPN’s Kodi Add-on Secures 10k Downloads in Its First Few Hours

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Press ReleasePureVPN’s Kodi Add-on Secures 10k Downloads in Its First Few Hours

PureVPN’s add-on for Kodi, available at PureVPN’s website, hits 10,000 downloads sparking interest in the app for Android TV and Amazon Fire Stick, available at respective app stores.

Hong Kong, HK, November 22, 2017 ( – The global trend of streaming has skyrocketed, powered by the easy availability of Android TVs and Amazon Fire Stick. Native app demand for internet-enabled Smart TV’s has also seen substantial rise. PureVPN, the leading name in the VPN industry, took another leap forward by releasing dedicated apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and an add-on for Kodi.

 PureVPN Further Streamlines Streaming

The Kodi VPN add-on will allow around 38 million Kodi users across the world to stream the content they want, when they want and access multiple Kodi add-ons on demand. This comes as a huge delight since 70% of Kodi users use it to watch premium content online. The PureVPN add-on ensures users do not need to worry about their identity being exposed online.

We at PureVPN realize that configuring a VPN manually can be a hassle for a normal user, and that’s why we have released dedicated apps to ensure our VPN service works smoothly on just about any device


PureVPN’s other apps, Android TV VPN and VPN for Fire Stick, empower users to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN on Smart TVs as well. This is a smart move by the VPN provider since traditional TV has given way to streaming on smart, internet-enabled devices that increase choice of content and decrease the subscription charges. With this latest launch, one thing is for certain: PureVPN is looking to be more than just a VPN service for desktops or mobiles.

PureVPN Takes the Lead

The VPN provider has simplified the streaming experience further by empowering users to:

·         Easily sign up for a PureVPN account

·         Download the PureVPN app for any device or platform

·         Hit the connect button

·         Enjoy instant and complete internet freedom

Through the addition of these apps, PureVPN is fast moving to fulfill the needs of its users. These new apps will afford more freedom to the users in terms of the content they want to stream.​

This Press Release was first published on NewsWire.

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