Another Steve Jobs Charity Scam on the Roll

Privacy & SecurityIndustry NewsAnother Steve Jobs Charity Scam on the Roll

Although It's been just over two weeks since the demise of Apple's legendary CEO Steve Jobs, yet there are various scammers who are continuously developing new ways to keep his memory alive, in order to exploit it for cash.  It has been reported by the security firm Trend Micro that a spam email campaign is on the roll these days hitting loads of inboxes. The email is said to be promoting a foundation named "Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation," portraying itself as an organization that supports young, talented computer programmers and Web coders. It seems like the scammers were unable to check their content for spelling mistakes or proofread it as the message contains horrible spelling and grammar mistakes and is written in poorly worded English. The title of the email itself raises a huge red flag due to the spelling blunder as it reads "Raise money for Steve Jobs Charity Fond!"

The basic idea behind this email message is to make an attempt of tapping into individual’s sympathies surrounding Steve Jobs' recent death by requesting them to donate money.  It tries to persuade the reader to donate funds to the account indicated in the e-mail and says that even a small amount of money will work for them as they will use it to help young, gifted kids who "do not have opportunity to study and bring their ideas to life." It was found out that the link included in the scam redirects those who fall for the bait to an online casino payment site. Unfortunately, this fake charity donation is one of the various recent scams which have been served up by online crooks since the death of the iconic Apple co founder and CEO.

There were some other tactics employed by people like them which staged contests and promised that the winner will get MacBook Pros or free iPads in Jobs' memory. Another fake Web page promised its users for an exclusive video footage from Jobs' funeral. Whenever there is an incident that draws massive international attention, it is important for a common user to exercise caution while looking out for relevant information on the Internet. As you must have been aware by now that setting up fraudulent websites or even images that can compromise your computer with a single click is very easy for cybercriminals and scammers. If you believe that a charitable organization is worth it and you feel compelled to give money to it then you should first contact that group on the telephone, or manually type in the charity’s URL into the browser bar. DO NOT navigate to a charity or any other website from an email or social networking link. This is the only way you can help yourself in achieving online security.

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