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How to Block Twitch Ads? Choose Your Best Option

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Ads could be annoying! 

Twitch is one of the leading live streaming platforms for live video lovers and gamers. As Twitch is a free platform, many ads keep popping up. 

You can block these ads and enjoy your streaming sessions in the most flawless manner possible. This blog post will tell you how to stop Twitch ads and enjoy a hassle-free live stream.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live video streaming app that was founded in 2011. Everything you feel like watching is here, from cooking to sketching, music to dance. 

However, the most effective traffic drivers over here are video games. 

On average, Twitch receives more than 30 million users daily, making it one of the top platforms in the world that’s so widely used. 

There are numerous platforms on which Twitch is used, and you can stream it wherever you want convenient. 

4 Ways to Block Twitch Ads Effectively

You must recognise the recurring advertisements that are a regular thing with Twitch, but thankfully, there are solutions, and we will explore them. Let’s see what can be done to block Twitch ads.

1. Use a VPN to Bypass Twitch Ads 

One of the most effective ways to deal with Twitch ads is with the help of a reliable VPN. Many VPNs tend to block Twitch ads, but when you talk about something perfect, PureVPN is the answer. 

PureVPN is known for its extraordinary features and remarkable tendency to block unwanted ads. It allows you to stream in HD quality, and you won’t have to deal with buffering. Since PureVPN has fast servers, it works perfectly fine when removing Twitch ads. 

Follow these steps to block Twitch Ads with PureVPN.

  • Download and subscribe to PureVPN.
  • Connect to a server location that comes with no Twitch ads. 
  • Your best bet is Poland, Germany, New Mexico, Romania, and Ukraine.
  • Once connected to a particular server through PureVPN, you can access Twitch without annoying ads. 

2. Choose an Adblocker 

Another fruitful way of dealing with Twitch ads is with the help of an Adblocker. The process is pretty simple. 

  1. Choose your preferred ad blocker. 
  2. Download and install its browser extension on your device. 
  3. Go to its settings and choose or enable your preferred features. 
  4. Now, you can enjoy Twitch without ads. 

The online world is filled with hundreds of ad blockers, but not all are effective. Most of them are scams and steal users’ data. Here are some of the most preferred ad blockers for Twitch ads as per users’ claims. 

Total AdBlock 

As the name suggests, total AdBlock helps you eliminate the annoying ads. There’s a reason why Total Adblock is the top priority when it comes to Twitch ads: it not only blocks them but removes them altogether. 

Key Features

  • Total AdBlock stops those annoying ads that pop up on websites and makes your Twitch time more enjoyable.
  • It protects your info by stopping websites from tracking you with cookies and other sneaky tools.
  • With Total AdBlock, pages load faster because it skips loading heavy ads, giving you a quicker and smoother browsing experience.

Purple Adblock 

Another effective ad blocker for Twitch ads is the Purple AdBlock. This is also quite famous among Twitch users because of its straightforward interface and impressive features. 

However, there are a lot of limitations when you use it. It’s available only for the official Twitch site, and the extensions are only for Chrome and Firefox. 

Key Features

  • Purple AdBlock is easy to install and use, and you can enjoy ad-free browsing with a few clicks.
  • Purple AdBlock lets you choose which ads to block or allow, putting you in charge of your online experience.
  • It’s also risky to use.

Video Ad-Block for Twitch 

Video Ad-Block for Twitch is another tool for users as it allows them to go through the ad phases smoothly. This AdBlock has a unique way of getting rid of the ads. Suppose you’re busy streaming a video on Twitch in top-notch quality, and suddenly an ad appears. 

Key Features

  • With this one, you can enjoy a quick setup, and you’re ready to watch Twitch without ads.
  • Video Ad-Block for Twitch keeps the stream flowing smoothly without any break.

TTV AdEraser

Available for both Firefox and Chrome, TTV AdEraser is yet another adblocker praised by the Store users. This particular app is still developing because the bugs keep popping up occasionally. 

You may use this ad blocker and still sometimes see the purple screen. This blocker uses a custom-embedded player to stream Twitch videos without any ads. 

This ad blocker is also quite simple, and you won’t have any difficulty running it. Its convenience is what makes it quite noteworthy among the users. 

Key Features

  • TTV AdEraser learns and adapts to new ad formats, staying one step ahead to ensure continuous ad-free streaming on Twitch.
  • TTV AdEraser skips the countdowns and gets you to the content you want to watch.
  • It operates in stealth mode, silently erasing ads without disrupting your Twitch experience,


Last, TTV LOL has always been one of the most used Twitch ad blockers. People used to flock to this app without a second thought whenever they wanted seamless Twitch streaming. 

However, due to some issues, it lost its topmost ranking. It was revealed that TTV LOL leaked the user’s IP addresses and IDs, so many people stopped using it. 

3. Choose an Ad Blocker Extension

To block Twitch ads, you can choose an ad-blocker extension like uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, or AdGuard, per your preferences. 

These extensions function by preventing ads from appearing when you visit Twitch. Each ad-blocker has unique features, so you should explore them to find the one that best fits your needs. 

  • You can access your browser’s extension or add-on store to install the chosen ad-blocker to use any of these. 
  • If you’re using Google Chrome, you can visit the Chrome Web Store, and for Mozilla Firefox, you can go to the Firefox Add-ons site. 
  • Simply search for the ad-blocker extension of your choice within the store, and once located, install it with a click. 
  • This action will integrate the ad blocker into your browser.
  • Enable the extension to block website ads automatically, including Twitch platforms.

4. Get Twitch Turbo 

One way of putting away the Twitch ads into the trash is by getting a Twitch TV subscription, also known as Twitch Turbo. 

You can reap multiple benefits from this subscription, ranging from ample broadcast storage to username color customisation. The best thing you receive in return for this commitment is the ad-free Twitch streaming. 

  • Sign in to your Twitch account or sign up to make a new one. 
  • Go to Twitch. tv/turbo website
  •  Find your preferred subscription deal. 
  • Hit the subscribe button. 
  • Get done with the payment. 
  • Enjoy ad-free Twitch streaming. 

How to Choose the Perfect Ad Blocker for Twitch Ads?

Choosing a perfect ad blocker for Twitch ads is relatively easy. You want something that’s both reliable and effective when it comes to blocking ads. 

Here are some of the aspects that you should pay heed to when opting for an adblocker. 

Capable AdBlocker 

Although you need an Adblocker to help you get rid of the Twitch ads, it’s not the only thing you should focus on when choosing an Adblocker. 

It should also be able to block ads on other websites or pages. That’s why, before deciding, remember to read the reviews about it since they’re full of honest experiences. 


Another important thing you must ensure when choosing an ad blocker is compatibility. There’s no point downloading an ad blocker that doesn’t work on your device. 

Choose the one compatible with multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. 

Additional Features

Most of the ad blockers don’t just focus on restricting the ads. They also have features that protect you against online tracking links or other malicious threats. 

You don’t have to settle for less at all. Do your research and choose the one with the most extensive features. 

Budget Friendly 

You’re looking for an ad blocker that helps you eliminate ads on a free platform, i.e., twitch. 

Refrain from falling into the trap and spending lots of money only to receive the bare minimum. 

Try to find an adblocker that’s both economical and effective. 

Choose Your Option Wisely to Block Twitch Ads

You must have realized by now that where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are numerous ways to block Twitch Ads, and you can use whatever suits you the best. 

However, after thorough research, the best possible way to stop the ads and provide you with ultimate security is with the help of a VPN. 

An ad blocker is at the application, or the extension will block the advertisement but is not very secure. However, you must consider the reliability of a reliable VPN. 

You can use PureVPN to help you eliminate these annoying clips and keep your IP addresses safe and secure. 


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