How to Access Claude AI

How to Access Claude AI – Free Way To Connect From Anywhere

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Artificial intelligence has changed the world with its spectacular technology. According to reports, 77% of people use devices powered by artificial intelligence.

AI has brought significant changes in our work patterns. It reduces human effort and generates customized results within minutes. 

You must be aware of ChatGPT already, but do you know there is an alternative? Claude AI is a direct competitor to ChatGPT, created by Anthropic. 

How to Access Claude AI

More About Claude AI

Claude AI can perform the same tasks as ChatGPT and Google Bard, but it is better and gives detailed responses. It can help you summarize long texts, research complex topics, and write codes. 

Claude has more updated information for 2023 compared to other AI models. It has a whopping input capacity of 75,000 words. 

Another feature that makes it better than the rest is that you can upload multiple documents simultaneously that Claude will summarize for you. You can also ask any follow-up questions about the paper if you have another prompt. 

Last but not least, it is free to use. 

How to Use Claude AI 

The following section will guide you through how to use Claude AI. 

  1. Go to Claude AI Login.
  2. Continue the setup process by providing your email.
  3. You will receive a login code in your email.
  4. Type that in the input box and continue.
  5. Mention your full name and the name you want Claude to refer you to. 
  6. Agree with the terms and conditions and continue.
  7. Next, it will show you different pages with information to tell you what Claude is about.
  8. Finally, a chatbot will open where you can give prompts. 

You can have back-and-forth communication with the bot. Claude AI also allows you to rename a chat or even delete it. 

When you go back to the name main page, all your previous searches will appear that you can refer back to whenever you like. 

How to Add Files to Claude AI?

Claude AI allows you to upload files and interact with them for free. It will summarize them for you. The upload limit is up to five files simultaneously. The files can be in PDF format or any text format. 

Read the steps mentioned below to learn how to upload files on Claude:

  1. From the main page, tap on the add files option.
  1. Upload a file from your computer.
  2. Write the question you want to ask in the input box.
  3. Hit enter.
  4. If you have any follow-up questions, you can ask them directly by typing them in the chatbot. 

If you upload multiple files, you will get a response with separate information about each file. 

How to Access Claude AI from Anywhere 

Claude AI is undoubtedly better than ChatGPT as it provides updated data, is detailed, and offers free features that can be highly beneficial. However, there is a problem with it. 

Claude AI can only be accessed from some countries. It is available in 95 countries, but others need help getting access.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We have a little-known secret to share with you that will help you bypass the restrictions. Use PureVPN.

With 6500 servers in 70+ locations, you can set your location to where Claude is available.

Here is how you can use it.

  1. Download PureVPN.
  2. Purchase a subscription.
  3. Connect a server where Claude is available.
  4. Sign in and enjoy Claude AI.

Why is Claude AI Better than Chatgpt and Bard?

ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude AI are potent tools, but certain features will make you gravitate toward Claude AI. In the following section, we have discussed why Claude AI is better than ChatGPT or Bard.

Uploading File

One of the critical features of Claude is that it allows you to upload up to five files simultaneously for free. This feature is also available with ChatGPT, but you must purchase the advanced version. 

Once you upload the file, Claude AI will automatically summarize the text for you. You can ask as many questions as possible in the chat box based on the text input you prompted. 

Exceed ChatGPT in Word Processing

You can add up to 75,000 words in Claude AI, which will process everything. Simply paste the text into the input bar, and Claude will automatically convert it into a file. It will summarize the entire text in bullet points that are easy to read. 

The chatbot allows you to have a back-and-forth communication that gets stored. You can rename the conversation so you can return to it when needed. You can also delete the conversation if it is no longer needed. 

Keeping the conversation saved helps the bot understand the context better, generating relevant and to-the-point responses. 

On the other hand, the accessible version of chatGPT does not allow you to generate more than 600 or 700 words in one go, which can be bothersome.

Updated Information 

Anthropic claims that Claude has the most recent information until early 2023. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is trained using data up to September 2021. This suggests that you get the latest output from Claude that is accurate and updated. 

Better Privacy

ChatGPT does allow you to delete your interactions, but it doesn’t sometimes support browsing through a VPN. You will be blocked if you try to access ChatGPT with VPN enabled. However, Claude lets you delete your previous conversations and supports VPN browsing. 

Is Claude 2 better than GPT-4?

The answer depends on your needs and usage. GPT-4 is preferred by people with more technical tasks, and Claude 2 is considered for simpler ones. Both of the models are designed to provide solutions and assist in different regions better.

Is Claude cheaper than ChatGPT?

Both are set at $20/month, the market-competitive price today.

Is Claude safe to use?

Yes, Claude does not carry any safety risks as of now. There are no reports of data leakages or mishandling on Claude. To be on the safer side, you must look for your privacy while accessing any of the online platforms.

Got It Through!

With its winning features, Claude has become the town’s talk. So, if you want to try it, don’t wait for more. 

Claude AI can perform tasks better, such as processing more extensive data and uploading files for free.

We recommend you try Claude and enjoy the advanced features to get the most recent and updated information. 

However, if you reside in a place where Claude is not available, use a VPN.


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