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Ask anyone who they think is the best TV show to have aired in the last few decades, and the chances are that The Walking Dead will likely be one of the top choices of most. It brought something genuinely unique and never-before-seen on television. That is one of the reasons it has run for more than a decade, with multiple storylines being covered in that span. Now, with The Walking Dead Season 11, the series is reaching its end. Understandably, fans around the world are anxious to know the best way to watch it online. Read on to learn more about how you can watch The Walking Dead Season 11 online from anywhere in the world:

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How to Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Online

While The Walking Dead Season 11 will start airing on multiple channels, most of them are only available in the US. Even some of those channels are TV-only, meaning you’ll be left with incredibly limited options to choose from. The best way remains streaming The Walking Dead Season 11 via your Disney+ account since watching it on AMC, DIRECTV, or Spectrum on Demand would require you to get those cable services individually. Here’s how you can watch the latest season on Disney+ if you’re outside the US:

  • Get a PureVPN subscription
  • Download and install PureVPN on your device
  • Connect to a US server
  • Go to the Disney+ website and log in to your account to watch The Walking Dead season 11 when it begins streaming

Cheapest Way to Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 With Disney+

Even though The Walking Dead Season 11 will be available on Disney+, there’s a way to watch it on Disney+, sort of, but for a lot cheaper. In case you didn’t know, Disney+ is available as Disney+ Hotstar in India. Furthermore, Disney+ Hotstar costs a lot less. How less? For $21, you get a yearly subscription, as opposed to $80 for a yearly Disney+ subscription. Here’s how you can access Disney+ Hotstar from anywhere outside India:

  • Get a PureVPN subscription
  • Download and install PureVPN on your device
  • Connect to an Indian server
  • Go to Disney+ Hotstar’s website and log in to your account to watch The Walking Dead season 11 for much cheaper from anywhere in the world

Signing Up for Disney+ Hotstar From Outside India:

All that makes up for a smooth process if it weren’t for one minor detail. It’s not exactly a straightforward process to sign up for Disney+ Hotstar. Owing to the need for an Indian number for an OTP each time you sign in, the process is visibly hard for anyone outside India. Hard…but not impossible. Here’s how you can still sign up for a Disney+ Hotstar account even if you’re outside India:

Get an Indian number

You’ll have to start by getting an Indian number. Sounds confusing? Here’s how you to get started:

  • Head over to,
  • Register on the site and click on Dashboard
  • Head over to Services, and then select Hotstar from the Service Name menu
  • Choose India in the phone number category and process the payment for $0.75 for the confirmation SMS (What this service does is send the confirmation code to the actual number that you enter) accepts payments only in two forms, either via Bitcoin or Neosurf.

Pay with Neosurf

Don’t have Bitcoin and want to pay for the service via Neosurf? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to a convenience store that offers Neosurf cash vouchers. You can find these stores using Neosurf’s own tools here.
  • Purchase a cash voucher over there with cash.
  • Go online at and submit the code that you’ve got on the cash voucher. The remaining balance can easily be transferred to another voucher or be saved for future purchases.

Once this is done, log in to Hotstar with your credentials. Provide the OTP via Once done, search for The Walking Dead season 11 on Hotstar and start watching from anywhere in the world.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Cast

The Walking Dead Season 11 will see some of our most beloved characters, heroes, and villains make a comeback on the screen. Sadly, since this is the last season, this’ll be the last time we see them together on the screen. Here’s who you can expect to make an appearance in this final season of The Walking Dead Season 11:

  •         Norman Reedus
  •         Melissa McBride
  •         Lauren Cohan
  •         Christian Serratos
  •         Josh McDermitt
  •         Seth Gilliam
  •         Eoss Marquand
  •         Khary Payton
  •         Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  •         Callan McAuliffe
  •         Eleanor Matsuura
  •         Cooper Andrews
  •         Nadia Hilker
  •         Cailey Flemming
  •         Shane Walsh
  •         Cassady McClincy
  •         Lauren Ridloff
  •         Michael James Shaw
  •         Paula Lazaro
  •         Angel Theory
  •         Margot Bingham
  •         Jacob Young
  •         Jackson Pace
  •         James Devoti
  •         Marcus Lewis
  •         Laila Robins
  •         Josh Hamilton

The Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date

This is something that all shows releasing this year have had to face over the last year. The Walking Dead Season 11 was supposed to release around August 2020. However, COVID-19 meant that production on the latest season’s production had to be delayed.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 2

However, with things getting back to normal, it could finish filming, and the subsequent post-production was completed as well. As things stand, The Walking Dead Season 11 will be airing on your screens on August 22, 2021, on Disney+, Hotstar, and AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 is unarguably one of the best shows to have aired on US television. It has given us a plethora of iconic moments, dialogues, and scenes when it has been on the air, all of which are a testament to how great a show it has been. This being the last season, we are likely to see our heroes and anti-heroes see their stories reach the end of their journey (hopefully). In case you missed it, here’s the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 11 to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Why You Need a VPN to Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Online

While you might not find yourself at a loss of options to watch The Walking Dead Season 11 online, most of these services are only available in a select few countries. Even if you have one of those services in your country, you might be tempted to watch it even cheaper on another service that’s not available in your country. If this is the case, then there’s an easy solution either way in the form of a VPN.

While VPNs are primarily known in the industry as the best tool to ensure your digital privacy online, they have multiple other benefits. One of these benefits include giving you seamless access to content from across the world that might not be available in your country.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 3

A VPN helps you mask your IP address with that of the country you connect to, ensuring that you don’t have to face any geo-restrictions when trying to access your favorite content from anywhere in the world. In this case, suppose you want to log in to Disney+ Hotstar to watch The Walking Dead Season 11 in the cheapest way. You can easily connect to an Indian server and start watching it without any issues.

The best thing about this method is that it doesn’t require you to compromise on your privacy or digital anonymity in any way.

People Also Ask:

Here are some other questions you might have if you’re interested in watching The Walking Dead Season 11 online:

Will The Walking Dead Season 11 be on Netflix?

Not immediately. While fans can easily stream the first 10 seasons on Netflix Germany, the 11th season will only be available on Disney+ and AMC, albeit on cable only. However, if you’re willing to wait, the 11th season will likely arrive on Netflix Germany sometime in 2022.

Who is The Walking Dead Season 11’s main villain?

There’s no individual villain in the final season of The Walking Dead. Rather, the Reapers are the primary antagonists of this season. Reapers are a group of highly skilled brutal warriors. Showrunner Angela Kang recently revealed that the group specializes in hunting other human survivors. And since this season is inspired by the comic issue 175-193 of The Walking Dead comics, we may likely see them take out some of our favorite characters on screen.

Will Rick Grimes return in The Walking Dead Season 11?

Well, anything can happen as far as Rick Grimes is concerned. The last time we saw him was in Season 9, where he seemed to have been killed when an explosion sends him flowing into a river. The implication was that he had been killed in the process. However, nothing was confirmed. With this being the last season, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him make one final appearance this season, considering he had been the undisputed star of the first 9 seasons.


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