How to get a dedicated IP in Estonia

By subscribing to PureVPN's dedicated IP add-on, you can get a fixed IP address from a choice of 10 different countries. This stable IP address enables you to:

  • Effortlessly whitelist specific IP addresses

  • Conveniently set up and manage your own servers

  • Access workplace resources from any location

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What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP is a unique address assigned only to you, distinct from shared IPs used by many. It remains unchanged with each internet session, ideal for server hosting and limiting access through IP whitelisting.


Benefits of using a dedicated IP in Estonia

Wondering how a dedicated IP can help you? Here is how:

Easy IP whitelisting

Fortify your corporate network by restricting access to a select list of IP addresses.

Only Shared IP

Secure remote access

Seamlessly access office systems and resources, regardless of your location.

Create game servers

Host private, lag-free gaming sessions for you and your friends.


Dodge CAPTCHA verifications while browsing the web.

Port Forwarding

Personalized online experience

Enjoy content based on your unique tastes and preferences.

What sets dedicated IP apart from shared IP?

Dedicated IPDedicated IP

Having a dedicated IP address ensures it's exclusively yours, leading to more reliable email deliveries and clearer VoIP communications, among other benefits.

Shared IPShared IP

Using a shared IP address means you are grouped with multiple users: this can make it difficult to identify individual online activities.

Connect to any country’s dedicated IP in Estonia

Get your own fixed IP address from countries like the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. With our dedicated IP add-on, you also gain access to 24/7 customer support, AES 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth and an audited no-log policy.


How to get your Dedicated IP in Estonia

Three steps to enhance your online security.


Step 1

Get the plan that fits your needs


Step 2

Login and setup your dedicated IP


Step 3

Connect to your desired server

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Frequently asked questions

Can dedicated IPs be set up on routers?


Indeed, it is possible to configure your router to use a static IP. If you are confused about how to go about it, reach out to our customer support team via live chat.

How should remote workers or freelancers use a dedicated IP?


A dedicated IP ensures stable access to secured corporate networks and tools that require IP whitelisting. This can lead to smoother workflow and enhanced security by reducing the risk of IP-related access issues.

Is it possible to purchase multiple dedicated IPs?


For acquiring extra dedicated IPs, contact our support team. If you are managing a huge remote team or multiple freelancers, you might want to explore our specialized business VPN offerings.

How secure is a dedicated IP?


While a static IP is secure, it does not guarantee full protection against cyber threats unless additional security precautions are taken.

How do I get a static IP address in Estonia?


PureVPN offers an add-on for a dedicated IP, allowing you to obtain a static IP from one of 10 countries, or you can request one from your ISP for an additional fee.

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