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How to Get a Maltese IP Address

Get a Shared or a Dedicated IP by Subscribing to PureVPN. With a Malta IP, you can instantly watch Maltese TV shows, movies, and Maltese content from any corner of the world for just $0.99.

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How to Connect to Maltese IP


Step 1

Launch PureVPN


Step 2

Scroll to find Malta


Step 3

Click to Connect!

Who Needs A Malta IP Address

It’s a no brainer that you’re experiencing difficulties trying to view your hometown’s content. A Maltese IP helps locals from Malta living, working, or traveling abroad to gain full access to their native web content, which is only available in their home country. With a Maltese IP, you can conveniently access your banking details and make use of online deals available individually and only in the Maltese region.

Get Maltese IP
31-Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Get a Maltese IP Address

First you need to subscribe to PureVPN, you will then get access to an extensive pool of servers. Choose Malta or any other desired region. All your internet traffic will now be passing through the chosen server. This process of VPN Tunneling encrypts your data so you remain anonymous when surfing the web.

You may check to see if your IP Address has been replaced by the one native to Malta with our tool- What is My IP. Your will IP will now be masked and you will appear to be connected from Malta.

Getting a Maltese IP address isn’t unusual. For many Maltese residents who are traveling or living abroad, an IP address of Malta is just what you need. The safest and fastest way to access Maltese content and stay connected with your friends and family in Malta is to get a Maltese Dedicated IP.

PureVPN's Dedicated IP

PureVPN’s pristine dedicated IPs serve multiple purposes. With PureVPN’s Maltese Dedicated IP address, users can instantly connect to a Maltese server and gain access to their local content. Users can make use of local Maltese deals and much more. A dedicated IP is solely for the intended user and isn’t shared with anyone else.

how to get malta ip address from anywhere in 2020

With a whitelisted dedicated IP, users can directly access databases that require a dedicated IP. Secured with encryption, a dedicated IP VPN will get you around limitations and give you the ability to browse and stream anonymously.Wondering the effect a dedicated IP will have on your P2P activities? Dedicated IP comes packed with servers that are optimized for P2P activities. Your physical location doesn’t matter when you’ve got PureVPN’s dedicated IP.

Benefits of a Maltese IP Address

A Maltese IP bears numerous benefits:

Secure Wi-Fi Connection

Log in to your social accounts, access banking details, and shop online on Public and Private Wi-Fi networks and rest assured about your online privacy

IP Protection

PureVPN offers highly secured IP addresses that keep you away from governments or ISPs who are actively snooping on your browsing activities.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch is essentially a fail-safe button. PureVPN’s internet kill switch ensures your privacy remains unbroken at all times.