How to get a dedicated IP in Portugal

If you are figuring out how to obtain a dedicated IP in Portugal, PureVPN has you covered. Choose a static IP address from 10 different countries, and unlock perks like:

  • Reduced blacklisting risk

  • Better email deliverability

  • Smoother remote access

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What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP is a special IP address that only your device uses. Unlike shared IPs, which change periodically, a dedicated IP remains constant every time you connect to the internet, bringing various benefits like better network control, secure access to IP-sensitive systems, and more.


Benefits of using a dedicated IP in Portugal

Here is how a dedicated IP can help you:

Easy IP whitelisting

Elevate your home or office network with a dedicated IP, streamlining secure access and fortifying defenses against external threats.

Only Shared IP

Secure remote access

Navigate remote work seamlessly from Portugal with a consistent IP, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted..

Create game servers

With a static IP, gamers can easily host their own game servers with low ping times and private access for their circle.


Minimize pesky CAPTCHAs and enjoy smoother browsing, thanks to the stability and consistency of a dedicated IP.

Port Forwarding

Personalized online experience

Having a constant IP address stabilizes your online presence for a more customized browsing experience.

What sets dedicated IP apart from shared IP?

Dedicated IPDedicated IP

A dedicated IP is a unique address given to an individual user, ensuring stable connectivity and a reduced chance of being marked on blacklists.

Shared IPShared IP

A shared IP is a single IP address used by many, boosting anonymity but also increasing encounters with CAPTCHAs and the likelihood of blacklisting.

Connect to any country’s dedicated IP in Portugal

By getting PureVPN’s dedicated IP add-on, you can choose a static IP address from a range of countries, including: the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. When you get one of our static IPs, you also gain access to 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, modern protocols, and must-have features like AES 256-bit encryption, an audited zero-log policy, and more.


How to get your Dedicated IP in Portugal

Three steps to enhance your online security.


Step 1

Get the plan that fits your needs


Step 2

Login and setup your dedicated IP


Step 3

Connect to your desired server

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Frequently asked questions

Does a dedicated IP work on routers?


Yes, you can configure almost any router to use a dedicated IP address. Not sure how to go about it? Our customer support team is ready to assist you via live chat, anytime, any day.

How do I use a dedicated IP as a remote worker or a freelancer?


Download the PureVPN app on your work device and connect to your static IP, which you can get whitelisted by your office. This grants you consistent and secure access to private networks and servers, regardless of your location.

Can I purchase multiple dedicated IP addresses?


Definitely! If you want to get more than one dedicated IPs, simply contact our customer support team for further instructions. Alternatively, we recommend considering our business VPN service to accommodate a large team of freelancers or remote workers.

Is a dedicated IP secure?


Yes, using a static IP address is as safe as a shared IP address. However, that does not mean you will stay protected from cyber threats without taking other security measures.

How do I get a static IP address in Portugal?


Some VPN providers like PureVPN offer static IPs as an add-on. However, you can also request your ISP to assign you a dedicated IP address, if they provide them.

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