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how to get singapore ip address

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Why Do You Need a Singaporean IP Address?

There are several reasons that may compel you to look for an IP address from Singapore. For starters, there are many local streaming services and web content that you cannot access outside Singapore.

Similarly, some online Singaporean banking systems may not let you access the accounts, let alone make transactions outside the country.

To get past all these troubles, you may need a Singaporean IP address. With a local IP at your disposal, you can access online banking services and any Singaporean website from anywhere.

Who Needs PureVPN’s Dedicated IP Address?

Business Owners

Business owners become skeptical when accessing their private network from outside the office or region. They have every right to do so. But with a dedicated IP address, they can securely access any file or network they want.


Internet users who are on the go can use a static IP to access region-specific online content from anywhere in the world. And, it isn’t limited to online content but also apps, websites, and other services.


Personal bloggers, especially those who love to travel abroad or work on travel blogs, want to access their CMS securely. A dedicated IP, which is whitelisted, can help bloggers access their blogs remotely and secure from anywhere.

Online Gamers

Hardcore online gamers prefer to play on a self-hosted or dedicated service instead of a public server. A dedicated IP address can help international gamers to setup secure dedicated servers.

Home Users

IP camera networks are the preferred choice of homeowners across the globe as it allows them to keep tabs on their home security from anywhere. A secure dedicated IP address lets owners whitelist the static IP so they can have exclusive control on their IP surveillance system.

Remote Employees

Employers always want their remote employees to access the company’s private network securely. By setting up dedicated IPs for each remote worker, employers can ensure secure remote access to their private networks.

How Further Can a Dedicated IP Enhance Your Experience?


Get Around Blacklists

IP blacklisting is a common phenomenon on the internet. It usually happens when an IP is found to be involved in unethical practices such as spamming, etc. You may not be involved in spamming activity, but the shared IP you use may have been misused by anyone else on the network. Get around this problem in a jiffy with a dedicated IP.


Overcome Captchas Problem

Captcha authentication may not be annoying if it happens once in a day or week, but not if it happens frequently. It happens only when there’s too much activity with the same IP. A static or personal IP address lets users get past the Captcha authentication quickly.


Get an IP That Doesn’t Change

Some internet services or platforms require users to access the system using the same IP address every time they log in. If you use an IP address that changes every time you turn on your system, you may not be able to access such services. However, a static IP address can help you overcome this problem without any hassles.


Enjoy Better Online Security

A dedicated IP ensures better online security in that you can whitelist an IP and bind it with any of your sensitive accounts such as online banking systems. It will allow you to have exclusive access to your online bank account and, thus, help you make secure transactions online.

What Other Features Will You Get with PureVPN?

IP leak is a sensitive issue as it can expose your IP that you so want to hide against prying eyes. Our IPv6 leak protection feature makes sure that your actual IP stays protected round the clock.

You want your data, as well as internet activities, stay protected against hackers and other cybercriminals. Our 256-bit encryption is here to guarantee you optimal online security.

You may need a VPN to open specific applications or websites and not the other web services you are accessing online. Split Tunneling can help you do that with great ease.

Our servers are optimized not only for great streaming speeds but also for downloads. Plus, with unlimited bandwidth, you can indulge in unlimited P2P activities to your heart’s content.

Do you wish to use both static IP as well as dynamic IP on the same VPN? Well, when you subscribe to PureVPN and get our dedicated IP add-on, you will be able to use shared IPs on up to 9 devices simultaneously while a dedicated IP on a 10th device.

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