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How to Get a UK IP Address

  • Select your desired VPN plan
  • Select the payment method
  • Click add-ons
  • Add Dedicated IP
  • Select UK Dedicated IP
  • Connect and enjoy

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how to get uk ip address

How to connect to a UK IP Address!

Get a UK IP experience with PureVPN in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Login to PureVPN

Step 2

Scroll to find UK

Step 3

Click to connect!

Reasons Why You Would Need a UK IP

If you’re a UK resident who’s enjoying holidays abroad or an expat, who’s living/studying overseas, you can access your hometown TV shows, movies, and other streaming services with a UK IP.

Unable to access your UK bank accounts? You’ll need a UK static IP to gain instant access to UK banks and for online banking. A UK IP will prevent you from being flagged by security regulators.

Want ultimate online security when you’re streaming, downloading, sharing files or merely browsing the web? With a UK IP, you can securely access your work laptop, and transmit sensitive data without worrying about anyone snooping on your online activities.

Find something interesting online and want to pay using your credit card or PayPal? A UK IP provides supreme encryption, cloaking your financial details from prying eyes. Get local recommendations available on from any corner of the globe.

How to get a UK IP Address

First of all you need to subscribe to PureVPN, after subscribing you’ll get access to an extensive pool of servers. Choose United Kingdom or any other desired region. After that your internet traffic will now be passing through the chosen server. This whole process encrypts your data so you remain anonymous when surfing the web and is called as VPN Tunneling.

You can also check if you IP Address has been replaced by the one native to UK with our tool - What’s my IP. If it is changed and showing your IP as you are connected to British then congrats your IP is masked.

Getting a British IP address is usual. If you are a UK residents and travelling or living abroad, an IP address of UK is just what you need. The Safest and fastest way to access Britain content and stay connected with your Friends and Family in any UK state is to get a UK Dedicated IP.

PureVPN’s Dedicated IP

PureVPN’s dedicated IPs serve multiple purposes, With PureVPN’s UK Dedicated IP, users can instantly connect to a UK VPN server and gain access to their local content, that can’t be accessed outside UK. A Dedicated IP assigned to user is solely intended to that user and isn’t shared with anyone else.

For starters, it can help you get around bandwidth throttling and experience top-notch speeds at all times. Secondly, it can allow you to access online banking services that are behind country-specific IP restrictions.

Best of all, whitelisted Dedicated UK IP can allow you to privately access almost every geo-restricted UK content, moreover CMS and other services from anywhere in the world. You can also directly access to your office software/database and can monitor the happenings at your home or office through CCTV cameras remotely.

Ever wondered about the effect a dedicated IP will have on your P2P activities? Dedicated IP comes packed with servers that are optimized for P2P activities. Your physical location doesn’t matter when you’ve got PureVPN’s dedicated IP.

What Else You Can Do with a UK IP

The region-specific IPs are packed with benefits, and a UK IP address is no different.

Here’s more on what you can do with a UK IP:

  • Secure Online Banking

    You can easily access online banking and transfer funds in the UK.

  • TV channels/Streaming websites

    Gain direct access to local UK streaming services that are limited to the UK region only.

  • Deal sites/Classified ads

    No one wants to pass on great discounts. With a UK static IP, you can avail deals available in UK. You can also hunt for local jobs/real estate, cars, services, and others that are available in the UK only.

Benefits of PureVPN with UK IP Address

A UK IP Address has Numerous Benefits:

Secure Wi-Fi Connection

Access banking details, log in to your social accounts, and shop online on Public and Private Wi-Fi networks and keeping your online privacy intact.

IP Protection

Secured IP Addresses that are offered by Pure VPN keeps you away from governments or ISPs who always have an eye on your browsing activities.

Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN’s internet kill switch ensures your privacy remains unbroken at all times, even your internet connection drops or at high speed.

How to Get UK IP Address
Frequently Asked Questions

With a UK Dedicated IP, you gain direct access to your website’s files, the ability to upload content and preview your website. Just type your Dedicated IP address of UK assigned to you into your browser, and it will land you on your site.

UK Dedicated IP addresses are limited and secure. A static IP can help you with access online banking services, bypass content geo-restrictions, Uninterrupted Streaming and let you access remotely any website.

Getting a Dedicated IP of the UK is relatively straightforward. Head over to the Dedicated IP page and reserve your unique UK IP address today before they run out!