How to Get UK IP Address - A Guide for UK Expats

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Why Britishers Desire a UK IP?

The UK is home to a massive number of popular media streaming services. Needless to mention, it doesn’t have any such limitations on accessing any social media apps or services unless they are illegal in nature.

Since UK expats don’t have any content restrictions in their country, they feel uncomfortable with the limitations they face in the host country. For instance, BBC iPlayer is a UK streaming service that cannot be accessed outside the UK until and unless you don’t have a UK IP.

Similarly financial websites and search engines all use your IP address to check your location. So without a United Kingdom IP, you can’t access the content you need to.

Apart from content accessibility, a UK expats may not be able to access home IP surveillance camera back at home from any other country if it is on a private or protected network.

Moreover, Expats who don’t have United Kingdom IP may also face bandwidth throttling in regions where the activity is prevalent. It is because of throttling, they cannot stream videos at the fastest speeds or download files in a jiffy.

Dedicated UK IP Solves All the Problems

A personal UK IP address can help you overcome all the problems that you may be facing while traveling or living outside the UK.

For starters, it can help you get around bandwidth throttling and experience top-notch speeds at all times. Secondly, it can allow you to access online banking services that are behind country-specific IP restrictions.

Best of all, Dedicated UK IP can allow you to whitelist the IP address and privately access almost every geo-restricted UK content, moreover CMS and other services from anywhere in the world.

What Do You Get with a PureVPN Dedicated UK IP?

  • Dedicated UK IP provide better access to UK online entertainment content from any regions
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  • Enjoy secure remote access to protected networks
  • Limit personal FTP to the dedicated IP
  • And more.
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